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Krosno History


The Glassworks Timeline


Krosno Glassworks begins construction on its factory, built on the former estate of the Countess Kaczkowska.


The first glass manufacturing facility opens, owned by the Polish Glassworks Company.


The Glassworks are awarded a gold medal for overall achievement at the Public Domestic Exhibition in Poznan from the Minister of Industry and Commerce of the Republic of Poland.


World War II sees the Glassworks at its highest level of manufacturing activity.  Due to military action, the factory closes briefly, and the Glassworks resume operation under German control.  Because its name is so well known, the Germans do not change its name.


On September 9th, Nazi troops retreating from Krosno set the glassworks factory on fire.  Determined workers begin rebuilding just 15 days later.


Production begins again in the newly rebuilt factory, which includes the Glasswork’s first automated facilities, and a wooden roof repurposed from one of the local aircraft hangers.  The factory begins exporting to England, Brazil, and Canada.  In subsequent years, the factory continues to develop, including constructing new facilities for manufacturing technical glass and domestic glassware.


KROSNO becomes among the first five state-owned companies to be privatized on the Warsaw Stock Exchange as a joint-stock company.


The KROSNO Capital Group is established and incorporates KROSNO S.A., The Jaslo Glassworks LLC, and, as of July, the domestic glassware manufacturer Blowex-Tarnów S.A.


KROSNO products are selected for the Trend 2014 Show at Ambiente, the world's most important consumer goods trade fair, and they show marvelously.


KROSNO partners with Household Essentials to offer a special line of KROSNO glass to Household Essentials customers.