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General Questions

Where can I find more Household Essentials (HHE) products?
Oh, lots of places!  Check out our products at these other great retailers, both online and in stores.

What should I do if I need help after business hours?
Feel free to leave us a message by phone or email, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What is Household Essentials’ Return Policy?
If you have ordered from us, we’ll take care of any of your return concerns directly.  We stand by our products.  If it’s not right, we’ll fix it.  However, we must have an official policy, so here it is:

If you decide your purchase is not a keeper, return it within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price, minus the original shipping fees and a 20% restocking fee.  Returned items must be in their original packaging. For damaged or defective merchandise, please contact customer service at 800-922-5524. 

If you purchased your HHE products from another retailer—online or in a store—you’ll need to contact that retailer directly.  Since we didn’t sell it to you, we cannot handle returns or refunds.

Do Household Essentials products come with warranties?
Yes.  Officially, our products have a 1 year warranty unless otherwise stated.  But again, we stand by our stuff.  So please contact us when you have issues.

What should I do about missing or defective parts?
Call us!  Or email us.  We do our best to make sure that you get everything you need and expect when you order from us.  But if something is missing or not working properly, we will make it right.  So get in touch.  Please have your order number and item number handy when you contact us.

What is an item number?
An item number is the number we use to identify a particular product.  Each of our products has a unique number, so that we know exactly what it is.  You can find this number on the UPC code of your product’s box.  If that’s not handy, check out our website.  All of our products have their names and item numbers listed.

How can I find specific products?
Our website is probably the easiest place to find what you are looking for.  It’s organized by category, so it’s usually fairly easy to find what you want.  But if you get stuck, give us a call.  We’ll be happy to help you find what you need.

What languages does customer service support?
We are well versed in English.

Shopping and Shipping

I didn’t mean that!  How can I change an order that I’ve placed?
If you need to make corrections or changes to an order, please call us as soon as possible. We will do our best to get you what you want, though we are limited in what we can do if your order has already shipped. You can reach Customer Service at 1-800-922-5524.

I didn’t receive my order confirmation.  Is something wrong?
Usually, no. Your confirmation email might be in your SPAM folder. Remember, some SPAM settings you control, and some are controlled by your service provider. So even if you didn’t label Household Essentials as SPAM (and we hope you didn’t!), we might still have been caught in the net. So, check there first.

If it’s not there, give us a call. We’ll be able to confirm your order for you.

My credit card will not process, even though everything I’ve entered looks right.  What can I do?
Most of the time, this means that your billing information doesn’t match your credit card. This may happen if you’ve moved recently. You can either try your old address or contact your credit card company to make sure they have your correct info. It can take credit card companies up to six months to update addresses.

Credit card verification is handled by, a safe, secure credit card processing company. We do not determine the validity of a card in house, nor do we ever see your credit card data when an online order is placed. This system helps protect your privacy and your information. It also means that we cannot address credit card processing issues for you. Again, this protects your personal information.

Why are your shipping rates and times different for some products?
Our shipping rates are determined by FedEx, our shipper. We have three shipping options with FedEx: Smart Post, Overnight, and Ground. Which you choose determines how quickly your product will arrive, and how much it will cost to get there. The faster the delivery, the higher the delivery charge.

Oversize items also have a higher shipping weight. Something is considered oversized when it exceeds certain weight or dimension. Shipping rates are estimated by item.

How is my order being shipped and when can I expect it?
Your order ships via FedEx. We typically ship within 3 business days of your payment clearing. After that, your delivery time depends on the carrier, weather, and any number of outstanding circumstances over which we have no control. For most transactions, you should have your product within 5-7 business days. But we cannot guarantee a delivery date.

For a more detailed explanation of shipping, see our Shipping Policy in our Terms and Conditions.

Where do you ship?
We happily ship to anywhere within the contiguous United States.

How can I tell if an item is in stock?
An item that is out of stock will say so on the product’s page.

How does sales tax work?
Sales tax is only applicable to Missouri residents.

Do you have a retail store?
Household Essentials products are sold in many familiar retailers nationwide, both in brick and mortar stores and online. Household Essentials does not have its own storefront. You can order directly from us through our website, though!

Common Product Questions

Clothesline Dryers

What’s the difference between steel and aluminum Umbrella and Parallel-Umbrella Clothes Dryers?
Steel vs. aluminum: Steel umbrella dryers weigh about six pounds more than their aluminum counterparts. That extra weight makes them a bit stronger. Steel is best for dryers that you will set up and leave up. If you intend to fold your dryer up and store it frequently, aluminum is probably a better option. It’s lighter, and so is easier to handle. Both are strong enough for daily use. It really is a matter of preference.

What’s the difference between Umbrella and Parallel-Umbrella Clothes Dryers?
Standard umbrella clothesline dryers have lines at different heights from the ground, with the outmost lines being highest.  Set up, they look a bit like an inverted umbrella.  The virtue of this design is that more clothes are exposed to direct airflow and so may dry more quickly.  This is similar to the way that stadium seating makes it easier to see for everyone (unless someone really tall sits right in front of you).

Parallel clothesline dryers have all of their clotheslines at the same height from the ground.  Parallel dryers typically have more line, too.

Do umbrella and parallel clothesline dryers come pre-strung?
Yes!  And we are glad they do.  All of our clothesline dryers come pre-strung and ready to set up.  But you can also restring them yourself, which is convenient when it comes time to change out your clothesline.

Do I have to concrete my dryer into the ground?
That depends on which dryer you have. Leifheit dryers have ground pegs that screw into the grown and anchor your dryer that way—making it easier to move later if you want to relocate. For those, you do not need concrete. For other HHE dryers, however, concrete is highly recommended for stability and safety. Concrete is still the sturdiest option for installing an outdoor dryer. Never use a plastic umbrella stand/base to hold your clothesline dryer. It is not high enough or sturdy enough to support the dryer safely.

Ironing Board Cover and Pads

What is one-piece construction?
One-piece construction means that the cover and pad are sewn together so that they fit as one piece. This keeps the ironing pad from slipping and sliding during ironing. It also makes the cover and pad easier to install.

How do I get my new cover and pad installed?
First, make sure that the cover you have will fit the board that you have. No manner of installation makes a too small cover and pad fit a too big ironing board.

Once that’s assured, fit the tailored, pointed (ish) end of the cover over the nose of the board. Pull the cover onto the board, drawing back on both sides and keeping your hands parallel and slightly under the board. Pull the back of the cover over the end of the board. Then smooth everything out. The cover and pad should already fit nicely, thanks to the bungee cord binding that acts like elastic.

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