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Willow Laundry Basket, Natural

Item#: ML-5569

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Naturally beautiful willow laundry basket with removable liner brings the best of old-fashioned charm to laundry day.

Naturally beautiful willow laundry basket with removable liner brings the best of old-fashioned charm to laundry day.
Option: Natural
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HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Willow Laundry Basket is a charming old-fashioned laundry basket.  It holds a single load of laundry, though you can easily pile more on top. It has 2 attached handles for easy lifting and carrying. And the rounded basket fits comfortably in your arms or on a hip. A washable liners fits inside the basket and ties around it. The liners stays in place and protects your clothing from accidental snags. Return to the old-fashioned wonder of Grandma's sunny backyard with this truly timeless laundry basket. The basket is 13.5 inches high, 22.50 inches long, and 16 inches deep.

This wicker laundry basket is a great addition to your laundry day routine that will contribute its classic functionality and style. The natural wicker will bring a fresh look to your laundry room, bedroom and home. Made of handwoven willow, this wicker laundry basket has all the nostalgic qualities of old-fashioned laundry baskets. The willow is weaved into a classic design that is both durable and lightweight. The rounded handles allow for easy carrying either in the arms or on the hip while also adding to its charm. Due to the handmade quality of this basket, the color and size may differ slightly.  This wicker basket comes with a fully removable liner that protects linens from snags. This liner can be removed and conveniently washed along with the rest of your laundry. To re-attach the liner, simply fold it over the edges of the basket and use the ties to secure it to either side. This wicker laundry basket can hold a full load of laundry--the perfect size to comfortably carry across the house. While the main purpose of this basket is to carry laundry, it can also be used for general storage, organizing towels in the guest bathroom, holding your collection of yarn or even for picnic outings.

  • Hand-woven willow laundry basket with 2 handles
  • Holds a single load of laundry comfortably
  • Washable liner protects delicate fabrics from snags
  • Made from sturdy natural willow with some natural give
  • Curved for comfortable carry in arms or on the hip!
  • 13.5 inches high, 22.50 inches long, and 16 inches deep
  • Please note: color and size may vary some because each piece is handwoven of natural fibers.

Color: Natural

Overall: 13.5"H x 16"W x 22.5"LONG 
Basket: 11"H x 14.5"W x 19.5"LONG

Wicker is hand-woven, so actual product may vary from dimensions listed.


Easily accommodating a single load, this willow laundry basket makes the necessity of laundry a little less of a chore.  It is ideal for bringing laundry in from the line or from your room to the machine.  The comfortable basket keeps laundry manageable.  The removable, cream-colored liner attaches around the handles, staying firmly in place so delicate fabrics won't snag.  But because it is removable, you can wash it as needed to ensure your laundry is always clean and fresh.

Keep a basket in the laundry room.  Keep another in each bedroom.  Or have one in the guest room for used towels and linens as a charming welcome to make guest truly feel at home.  Imminently practical, this willow laundry basket is also imminently beautiful.  In fact, it is lovely enough to bring out of the laundry room.  Have one near the sofa for extra pillows and throws.  Use another to organize the bottom of the linen closet or the clutter on the rec room floor.  The Willow Laundry Basket makes a wonderful gift for students, those on their own for the first time, and even new homeowners. 

However you use your Willow Laundry Basket, enjoy the practical beauty of work well done. Household Essentials works hard to meet your needs with innovative, attractive solutions to make your life and home more beautiful and efficient.  So from our Household to yours, naturally beautiful laundry.

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