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Wide Top Aluminum Leg Ironing Board

Item#: 971960-1

Lightweight, wide top ironing board with aluminum legs, and 4-level height adjust.

Lightweight, wide top ironing board with aluminum legs, and 4-level height adjust.
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Household Essentials Lightweight Wide Top Ironing Board with aluminum frame saves your back without sacrificing surface space. Its large ironing surface area (18 x 49 inch) makes quick work of ironing.  It sets up quickly and easily, with adjustable height and leg locks.  The board's frame is made of sturdy, lightweight aluminum for a sturdy, lighter-weight board.  Do not fear, though; this is no flimsy board!  With its 4-leg stance, this board is solid.  And with all the amenities you have come to expect: the Iron Rest with heat resistant pads (iron held at an angle for no-drip steam), a convenient Hanger Bar (no wrinkles other than laugh lines!), and a metal leg lock to hold things in place during storage—it is sure to be one of your favorite things.  So get one for Grandma or Grandpa, or for that friend who is expecting, or maybe just for you . . . after all, who says you shouldn't take it easy and keep it light?  This wide top ironing boards, with lightweight aluminum legs, is 31-37.75 inches high (with height adjustment), 18 inches wide, and 49 inches long.

  • Wide top (18 in. x 49 in.) ironing board with lightweight aluminum legs (38mm x 21mm)
  • Steam Iron Rest with heat resistant pads that holds iron at an angle
  • Hanger bar at the end of the board holds hangers or freshly pressed clothing
  • 4-leg stance for maximum stability
  • Metal leg lock holds legs securely in place for storage
  • 100% cotton cover with thick 8mm, 100% polyester fiber pad provides a resilient, matte-free ironing surface
  • 31-37.75 inches high (with 4 height adjustment), 18 inches wide, and 49 inches long

Color: Silver, Natural cover

31-37.75H x 18W x 49D inch
78.7-95.9 x 45.7 x 124.4 cm

Ironing surface dimensions:
49l-18w inch
124.5 x 45.7cm

Wide Top

A wide top board lets you iron faster because more of each garment fits on the board.  It makes ironing everything from dress shirts to linens much, much easier.
All boards are shipped with a fiber pad for a resilient, matte-free ironing surface. Replacement cover and pads can be ordered in a variety of thicknesses to you find the right pad for your.

Ironing Board Stances

Colors may vary.
  T-Leg: Classic stance with a foot that rests flush against the floor and single legs
  Euro Leg: Modern stance with the foot arched slightly off the floor and single legs
  Bamboo: Combines classic t-leg stance with double bamboo legs
  Round Leg: 4-leg stance with rounded end caps resting on the floor and rounded double legs
  Square Leg: 4-leg stance with squared end caps resting on the floor and squared double legs

Leg Lock

Household Essentials ironing boards come with either a plastic or metal leg lock.  Colors and styles may vary.
  Plastic Leg Lock: This sturdy plastic lock keeps ironing board legs securely folded.
  Metal Leg Lock: This strong and durable metal lock holds ironing board legs closed.

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