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Natural Water Hyacinth Round Wicker Laundry Basket

Item#: ML-6667N

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Classic wicker laundry basket with washable liner and attached handles for charm that fits on your hip.

Classic wicker laundry basket with washable liner and attached handles for charm that fits on your hip.
Option: Natural
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HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Water Hyacinth Round Wicker Laundry Basket is a classic laundry basket with a whimsical feel! Woven from supple and sturdy water hyacinth, this basket hamper carries easily in your hands or on your hip. Its basket is 19 inches in dia. and 10.5 inches high. Its handles are arched for comfort and easier grip, making the overall basket dimensions 21 inches in diameter and 12.25 inches high. It holds about 1.5 loads typical loads of laundry easily--but it also makes an attractive blanket basket or toy chest.

The perfect height for easy access, its an attractive organizer for common spaces, play areas, and even just a quick clean up before guests arrive. The basket has a thick braid that winds in horizontal bands, making a strong and beautiful basket. The white cotton liner ties on to the basket around the handles, so it is removable and washable! The liner protects delicate clothing from snags and protects the wicker from staining. It also makes clean up easier too--just throw the liner in with the rest of the wash. Dirty laundry in; clean laundry out! This wicker laundry basket is a beautiful alternative to plastic laundry baskets that makes laundry day just a little bit prettier.

Note: Household Essentials® wicker and bamboo are handmade and may vary some in color and size from image and description.
Bag Care: Wash cold, gentle (hand wash preferred.; Air dry only

  • Classic round wicker laundry basket with 2 handles and white cotton liner
  • Washable liner protects clothing and basket (Hand wash recommended; Line dry)
  • Holds 1-1.5 average loads of laundry--perfect for bedrooms, apartments, and dorms
  • Handwoven thick braid weave with supple feel
  • Harvested from renewable sources
  • Humidity tested and coated to prevent mold and mildew
  • 19.75 top dia. (21 w/ handles) x 14.25 base dia. x 10.5 high (12.25 w/ handles) inches
  • Note: color and size may vary some from what is shown

Color: Natural

19.75 top dia. (21 w/ handles) x 14.25 base dia. x 10.5 high (12.25 w/ handles) inches

Please note: color and size may vary some because each piece is handwoven of natural fibers.

Why we love wicker!
What is not to love about this natural material with its earthy glow and natural beauty?

It's lightweight, so it's easy to move around--perfect for entertaining indoors or outdoors, or just having something handy on the porch, patio, or all-season room.

It's durable, thanks to its sturdy woven structure. The fibers themselves reinforce one another. It's rather like that team-building task, when everyone stands in a circle, facing the same direction, and then sits down. Everyone is stronger and steadier together. Go ahead, grab a group and try it.

It's naturally weather resistant! Natural fibers hold up well to nature. Our wicker is coated to help protect it longer. Still, it does best indoors or in covered areas, away from direct exposure to the weather.

It's timeless. Wicker furniture isn't subject to the vagaries of fashion. It has been around a long time, and continues to be because its natural warmth and beauty compliments any season, style, or era.

Bag Care

Bag is made of poly-cotton blend fabric.
  • Wash in cold water on gentle cycle.
  • Hand wash always preferred.
  • Air/Line dry only.  No heat.

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