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VISON Large Shoe Box, 4-pack

Item#: 5220-4

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Set of 4 individual shoe storage boxes with fold-down lid.

Set of 4 individual shoe storage boxes with fold-down lid.
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HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS VISION Large Shoe Box is the perfect way to store your shoes. This storage set comes with 4 shoe storage boxes. They stack quickly and easily to save space.  But what makes these clever reusable boxes exceptional is the clear vision panel in the front!  The clear panel lets you see which shoes are where with just a glance. VISION Shoe Boxes have a front-open, so you don't have to unstack boxes to get to your shoes.  Simply pull open the magnetic close and pull your shoes out.  Slip them back in and close the front. One-hand access to your footwear makes getting ready just a little easier. These shoe boxes are stackable, storable, and reusable. One shoe box is 6 inches high, 10 inches wide, and 16 inches deep.

  • 4-pack of VISION Large Shoe Boxes with see-through front panel and easy front-close
  • Durable construction made from poly-cotton canvas with brown piping
  • Magnetic front-close for easy access without unstacking boxes!
  • Flat-folding for compact storage when not in use
  • Versatile stacking and storing options
  • 6 inches high, 10 inches wide, and 16 inches deep

Color: Natural w/ brown trim

6h x 10w x 16d inch
15.2 x 25.4 x 40.6 cm

What is Window Vision?
WINDOW VISION clear front panels is Household Essentials' innovative idea to make it easy to see what you have stored away. We've all had to unstack and unpack boxes to figure out where we stashed the good china. And we didn't like it.  WINDOW VISION panels make it easier to know where everything is, so you can find it quicker.

More specifically, it's a clear, plastic panel in the front or top of a storage box that you can see through! Simple, straightforward, and really effective.

Shoe Box storage!
There are many ways to store your shoes--from stands to trees to the boxes they come in! One of the best ways to store shoes remains the shoe box. It's sturdy structure protects shoes from scraping, scuffing, and crushing. But the box your shoes comes in breaks down eventually, or gets used in a craft project!

Reusable shoe boxes are the answer to easy shoe storage. And with Vision Shoe Boxes front-open design, shoe storage just got much simpler. So store your formal footwear at the top of the closet and keep seasonal shoes safe but out of the way. Do it all without have to unstack and restack. Fill your closet from top to bottom if you much, and be able to see and reach every beloved pair.

ision shoe boxes can be arranged in lots of different ways to fit your space. Stack them vertically; create a cube; line them up horizontally. Wherever your shoes are, you can create an organized, visually attractive space that looks good but still keeps your shoes within easy reach. Old shoe boxes are great for storing odds and ends, but eventually they break down or get used up in craft projects. Reusable shoe boxes are sturdier and made for getting in and out o

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