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Ultra 4-Leg Ironing Board w/ Iron Rest, Antique bronze

Item#: 814610-1

Bronze 4-leg standard-size ironing board with iron rest and hanging bar.

Bronze 4-leg standard-size ironing board with iron rest and hanging bar.
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HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Ultra 4-Leg Ironing Board with iron rest and sturdy steel, 25 mm dia legs embodies sleek sophistication. With an antique bronze finish and clean lines, its simplicity suits any décor. The attached iron rest has heat resistant pads to safely hold a hot iron.  An attached hanger bar holds hangers and freshly pressed shirts, keeping ironed clothing from getting wrinkled again.  This board's 4-leg stance is sturdy, having 4 points of contact on the floor.  This makes it ideal for carpet and smooth floors alike.  Its heavy-duty no-scuff stabilizer leg caps help the board grip while protecting floors from scuffs and scraps.  With classic lever open, close, and 4-position height adjust, it is a classy board with an upscale finish--simple and elegant. This deluxe ironing board is 34.5-41 inches high (with 6 height settings), 14 inches wide, and 54 inches deep, and it weighs 12.85 lbs.  It comes with a cotton cover and 5 mm fiber pad.

For an upgraded ironing experience, consider replacing the basic cover and pad with one of Household Essentials standard-size Deluxe, Ultra, or Ultra Plus cover and pads, which are longer lasting and more plush.

  • 4-leg ironing board with attached iron rest and hanger bar
  • 6-option adjustable height
  • 25mm 4-leg stance with no-scuff leg caps for maximum stability
  • Includes 100% cotton cover and 5 mm polyester fiber pad
  • Metal leg lock
  • 34.5-41 inches high (with height adjustment), 14 inches wide, and 54 inches deep
  • Weighs 12.85 lbs
  • Ironing surface tolerates temperatures between -40°F and iron temps 356°F

Color: Antique bronze, Natural cover

34.5-41h x 14w x 54d inch
87.6-104.1 x 35.5 x 137.1 cm

Ironing surface dimensions:
14w x 54l inch
35.6 x 137.2 cm

All boards are shipped with a fiber pad for a resilient, matte-free ironing surface. Replacement cover and pads can be ordered in a variety of thicknesses to you find the right pad for your.

Ironing Board Stances

Colors may vary.
  T-Leg: Classic stance with a foot that rests flush against the floor and single legs
  Euro Leg: Modern stance with the foot arched slightly off the floor and single legs
  Bamboo: Combines classic t-leg stance with double bamboo legs
  Round Leg: 4-leg stance with rounded end caps resting on the floor and rounded double legs
  Square Leg: 4-leg stance with squared end caps resting on the floor and squared double legs

Leg Lock

Household Essentials ironing boards come with either a plastic or metal leg lock.  Colors and styles may vary.
  Plastic Leg Lock: This sturdy plastic lock keeps ironing board legs securely folded.
  Metal Leg Lock: This strong and durable metal lock holds ironing board legs closed.

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