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Trash Cans

Elegant, modern EKO trash cans, with hands-free operation, fingerprint-proof finishes, and superior design.  Natural, handmade wicker waste bins.  Your choice.

EKO: Modern, Hands-Free Trash Cans

EKO trash cans blend modern design with practical technology for a convenient hands-free trash can for your kitchen or bath.  Also find sleek recycling bins for your kitchen, mudroom, or garage.

Glidez: Sliding Under-Cabinet Trash Cans

Stronger ~ Smarter ~ Steadier Glidez under cabinet organizers transform cluttered, unorganized under cabinets!  With superior construction and professional-grade materials that far outlasts and out-performs the competitions, Glidez under cabinet organizers make heavy-duty kitchen remodel as simple as quick-fit installation: line it up, drill it, and screw it in place.  Pre-assembled glides mean organization comes easy--and kitchen cabinets become useful.

Plastic Bag Trash Can Liners

Plastic bags to fit EKO brand trash cans and others.  Sized in liters.

TK Krusher Trash Compactor Step Bin

Manual trash compactor step bin trash can.  Yes, they do exist.

Wicker Waste Bins

Handwoven wicker waste bins for bedroom and bath. NOTE: Household Essentials® wicker is hand woven and may vary from the color and dimensions listed.

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