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White Tilt-Out Cabinet Laundry Sorter with Shutter Front

Item#: 18411-1  | Customer Reviews: 5 of 5 (1 review)

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Tilt-Out Cabinet Laundry Sorter attractively and discreetly stores your dirty laundry in a shuttered white cabinet.

Tilt-Out Cabinet Laundry Sorter attractively and discreetly stores your dirty laundry in a shuttered white cabinet.
Option: White
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HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Tilt-out Cabinet Laundry Sorter with Shutter Front makes necessary extraordinary. Designed as a quality addition to your home, this furniture sorter attractively and discreetly hides your dirty laundry behind a clean white cabinet. The shutter front is a beautiful bit of detailing that makes the piece interesting. Tilt-out doors optimize space and keep laundry day simple. The washable hamper liners fit over wood handles that rest on the hamper’s built-in frame. Handles make it easy to lift out the hampers, as does the doors efficient tilt-out design. Make this piece a stylish addition to your home, and make laundry day less of a chore. This attractive, shutter-front sorter is 28.75 inches high, 30 inches wide, and 15 inches deep.

  • Smooth-topped, 2-door cabinet sorter that holds 2+ loads of laundry
  • Decorative, inset side panels and horizonatally-slatted (shutter) doors
  • Wood knob handles
  • Tilt out doors with stop for easy use
  • Wooden bag handles sit in a cutout notch for easy handling
  • Removable, washable bag
  • All materials included for assembly
  • 28.75 inches high, 30 inches wide, and 15 inches deep

Color: White

Cabinet Dimensions:
28.75h x 30w x 15.625d inch
73.0 x 76.2 x 39.7 cm

Bag Dimensions: REPLACEMENT
20.75h x 10.5w x 9.5d inch
52.7 x 26.7 x 24.1 cm

  WARNING:  For California Residents
The State of California has determined that this product can expose you to chemicals including formaldehyde (gas), which are known to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. TSCA Title VI Compliant for formaldehyde California 93120 Compliant for formaldehyde, Phase 2. For more information go to

What kind of cabinet is it?
It's the kind of cabinet that looks really good and hides other things inside. It's made of a sturdy white laminate that fits well into most home decors. It is specifically designed with clean lines and subtle detailing. The cabinet laundry sorter stands at comfortable cabinet height. That means that it blends better with the furniture you already have! Moreover, it makes a convenient staging point for laundry day'or any day. Inside the cabinet, a sturdy wire frame anchors the sorter to the doors and holds the canvas bags in place. Metal handles fit through loops in the bags, creating a sturdy handle to support and lift a substantial amount of laundry. The cabinet's doors open independently, so you open only what you need to. It is unobtrusive, yet attractive, so you can have a good-looking space that works for you.

How can it work in my home?
Part of an innovative, working laundry center!

Laundry must be done, so we might as well do it better. This cabinet can help create a dynamic laundry station in your home. Its comfortable height and large table top surface area make this cabinet laundry sorter is an essential element to a well-designed laundry room. The top is a convenient staging area and folding table. Its a conveneint place to store detergent, starch, and clothing treatments. And it's large enough to hold your laundry basket, so you don't have to bend over. Or, for the truly space-savvy designer, use the table top as an ironing surface by keeping an ironing pad on top and your iron on a shelf or iron holder above.

An attractive decoy!
Sometimes, there isn't space for a laundry center, but there is always laundry. Use the cabinet as an attractive decoy! It's classic lines make it a believable addition to bedrooms and hallways. Top it with a decorative bowl or vase for unexpected pairing of pretty and practical that keeps its true purpose under wraps. Place in the bathroom or dressing area with a mirror above to create an instant standing vanity area. Use it in the bedroom as a media stand. The virtue of the cabinet design truly is its versatility that allows you to still use the vertical space above the sorter. Unlike traditional hampers and sorters, this cabinet design keeps your space open and usable. And, as always, it keeps your laundry out of sight until laundry day.

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  • Great Product

    5 of 5   Posted by: MD on 04/14/2019

    Finally found this unit. Great product. Perfect for a couple or single person. Not a huge unit, so wouldn't work for large family, but it's perfect for my husband and I. Fairly easy to assemble as well.

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