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Standard Cover and Pad, April Stripe

Item#: 80090

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Replacement cover (blue and yellow stripe) for standard 13-15 x 53-54 inch ironing surfaces with 6 mm foam pad sewn in and bungee cord binding for easy installation.

Replacement cover (blue and yellow stripe) for standard 13-15 x 53-54 inch ironing surfaces with 6 mm foam pad sewn in and bungee cord binding for easy installation.
Option: April stripe
HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Standard April Stripe Cover and Pad is an simple cover with a blue, yellow, and green stripes on a white background.  It is made of durable 100% cotton. It has one-piece construction, meaning the cover, pad, and attached pocket are sewn together to create a better fit and alignment that lasts. It measures 18 inches wide by 58.5 inches long and fits standard ironing boards that are 13-15 inches wide x 53-54 inches long. The thick 6mm foam pad provides enhanced comfort and efficiency. Tailored side edging fits the cover and pad to the board and keeps installation simple. A bungee cord binding along the edge increases the security of the fit and anchors the cover and pad more snuggly. The tailored nose and fit ensures that every cover aligns correctly—and stays that way.  

Notice the innovative pocket!  This attached pocket reduces packaging for a more sustainable product.  Use the pocket to hold ironing accessories or fold it under the cover.  

U.S. Patent No. 8,201,352

  • Attractive ONE-PIECE CONSTRUCTION cover and pad for standard ironing boards
  • Thick 6mm foam pad and 100% cotton cover for smooth ironing surface
  • Attached storage pocket can be left out or tucked under
  • Tailored nose and bungee cord binding enhance fit and makes installation easy
  • NANOMAX stain and scorch coating repel water and dirt, resists fade, and is eco-friendly
  • 18 inches wide x 58.5 inches long; fits standard 13-15 inch x 53-54 inch ironing board surfaces
  • U.S. Patent No. 8,201,352

Color: April stripe

Cut full size to fit all standard 13-15 x 53-54 inch tops

Standard Cover and Pads run parallel in this playful April Stripe.  With alternating lines of sunflower yellow, ocean blue line, and celery green, it is enough to make you want to break out the hammock!  After you finish your ironing, of course.


Foam Pad

6 mm for a smooth ironing surface.

One Piece Construction Features

Tailored nose

The tailored nose pocket provides enhanced fit around the nose of the board where most of the detailed ironing is done. The nose pocket is featured on the Commercial, Ultra Plus, Ultra, Reversible and Deluxe series.

Tailored side edging

Bias edging helps create the ultimate fit. Bias edging is featured with the one piece double layered padding on the Ultra Plus series.

Hook and loop closure

Hook & loop fastener systems provide the added benefit of strapping the cover tightly to the board top. Hook & loop fasteners are featured on the Ultra Plus, Ultra & Reversible series.

Bungee cord binding

Bungee cord binding for easy installation and total tension fit. Bungee cord binding is featured on all of our covers.

  Storage pocket

The cover and pad comes folded inside a pocket for more environmentally-friendly packaging.  The pocket can be used to hold ironing accessories and sprays or be folded under the cover.


Household Essentials® patented environmentally friendly line of Covers & Pads feature NANO technology and innovative packaging. Our NANO stain & scorch coating is 85% water based and uses 50% less chemicals than traditional coatings.



Sewn on storage pocket holds spray cans & bottles off board within reach.

To store board
(or to use cover without pocket)
tuck pocket flat under cover.


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