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Small Rectangle Stainless Steel Trash Can, 6 Liter / 1.6 Gallon, Bathroom Trash Can with Step Pedal

Item#: 94430-1

Small Rectangle Stainless Steel Trash Can, 6 Liter / 1.6 Gallon

Small Rectangle Stainless Steel Trash Can, 6 Liter / 1.6 Gallon
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This small rectangle stainless steel trash can is cleverly designed and adds a stylish touch to any bathroom, bedroom, desk, or other small area. The 6 Liter / 1.6 Gallon stainless steel can is designed with sleek, seamless-looking edges, with a rounded top and sides for a sophisticated look. The step pedal sidesteps your expectations with the use of a stylish chrome bar. The step pedal allows you to lift the lid of the trash can without using your hands or bending over, and the lid has a soft, silent close. The lid also has a stay-open option and can be locked into place when necessary. The can’s stainless steel finish is fingerprint-proof and smudge resistant and easy to clean.The inside of the can has a removable plastic liner that prevents any trash from littering the inside of the can and allows for easy cleaning or changing of the bag. With the durable plastic liner, you could also go without using a bag and still be able to empty the trash with ease will reducing your plastic consumption.

  • This modern trash can is designed with sophisticated style elements and clever functionality.
  • The can is made of durable stainless steel, which resists fingerprints, smudges, rust, corrosion, germs and odors.
  • Comes with an inner plastic bucket liner that can be removed easily for cleaning or emptying and keeps the bag locked into place.
  • Perfect for any small small space where you need to add a touch of modern elegant design.
  • Made of high quality stainless steel and durable plastic.
  • 12.8H x 8.9D x 9.1W

Color: Stainless Steel

12.8H x 8.9D x 9.1W

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