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STOW AWAY Replacement Cover and Pad, Natural

Item#: 2015

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Replacement ironing board cover and pad for the Household Essentials® Stow Away® In-Wall Ironing Board; fits boards 40-42 L x 11.5-12 W inches.

Replacement ironing board cover and pad for the Household Essentials® Stow Away® In-Wall Ironing Board; fits boards 40-42 L x 11.5-12 W inches.
Option: Natural
HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Stow Away® Replacement Cover and Pad keeps your ironing board fresh and ready. This one-piece cover with pre-attached ironing pad is smaller than a regular ironing board. It fits the HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS STOW AWAY In-Wall Ironing Board.  The 100% cotton cover and polyester fiber pad combine for a smooth and easy ironing surface. Featuring the Nanomax® stain and scorch coating, the cover resists stains and scorching. This protective feature helps water bead on the surface of the cover, too, making steam ironing more effective and protecting the ironing board underneath. A nose pocket and bungee cord binding help the cover go on easily. This cover fits the STOW AWAY Cabinet Ironing Board by Household Essentials®. It may fit other boards 40-42 inches long and 11.5-12.5 inches wide.

  • STOW AWAY ironing board replacement cover with built-in fiber pad
  • 5 mm thick fiber pad and 100% cotton cover for excellent ironing surface
  • Tailored nose pocket and bungee cord binding for a better fit
  • Stain and scorch-resistant silicone coating
  • Deluxe construction with 3 year manufacturer's warranty

Color: Natural

42l x 12.5w inch
106.7 x 31.7 cm

Fits in-wall ironing boards with an ironing surface of 40-42 inches long x 11.5-12.5 inches wide.  Please measure your board before purchasing.

When should I replace my ironing board cover and pad?
Whenever it starts to take longer to iron.  And old cover doesn't disperse heat as well, so it will take longer to iron out wrinkles.  A really worn cover can even ADD wrinkles to your garment.  If a cover or pad starts to feel stiff, lumpy, or matted, it's time to replace it.  Also, if it's falling apart, replace!  Generally, a cover should be replaced every 3-5 years with regular use.  Higher quality padding (i.e., fiber over foam, thicker, or a combination of the two) may last longer.  Heavy steam use or storing the cover and pad where it might be humid (i.e., the garage) can wear out the fabric sooner.  So, check for pilling, cracks, and compression (how thin) in your cover and padding periodically.  When these appear, it's time to start thinking about replacing your cover and pad.

This replacement cover and pad is EXCLUSIVELY for use with Household Essentials® Stow Away® In-Wall Ironing Board Cabinet.  It is not designed for other in-wall ironing boards or floor-standing units. 

One Piece Construction Features

Tailored nose

The tailored nose pocket provides enhanced fit around the nose of the board where most of the detailed ironing is done. The nose pocket is featured on the Commercial, Ultra Plus, Ultra, Reversible and Deluxe series.

Hook and loop closure

Hook & loop fastener systems provide the added benefit of strapping the cover tightly to the board top. Hook & loop fasteners are featured on the Ultra Plus, Ultra & Reversible series.

Bungee cord binding

Bungee cord binding for easy installation and total tension fit. Bungee cord binding is featured on all of our covers.


Household Essentials® patented environmentally friendly line of Covers & Pads feature NANO technology and innovative packaging. Our NANO stain & scorch coating is 85% water based and uses 50% less chemicals than traditional coatings.


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