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Round Trash Can, 5 Liter / 1.3 Gallon, Stainless Steel Bathroom Trash Can with Step Pedal and Soft Close Lid

Item#: 94408-1

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Round Trash Can, 5 Liter / 1.3 Gallon

Round Trash Can, 5 Liter / 1.3 Gallon
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This small Round Trash Can, 5 Liter / 1.3 Gallon is perfect for any bathroom, office, closet, bedroom, desk or any other area with limited space. Its compact design is modern and functional, matching a variety of decor styles with a look that is both on-trend and timeless. The can’s foot pedal opens the lid of the trash can, and the lid closes softly and silently when the pedal is not activated. The pedal features an interesting style perfectly designed for the ball of your foot and allows you to easily provide light pressure to open the lid of the can. The lid helps keeps trash out of sight and odors at bay in smaller areas where it could easily distract from your space. The can’s stainless steel exterior is fingerprint and smudge resistant, easy to clean, and prevents rust, corrosion and bacterial growth. The inside of the can has a sturdy removable plastic bin, which keeps trash contained and allows for easy cleaning.

  • This sleek bathroom trash can fits with any decor and adds a touch of modern elegance.
  • Step lever allows you to open the can’s lid easily while keeping trash out of sight while the can is not in use.
  • The bin has a medal handle, so you can easily lift it out of the can and carry it where you need to.
  • The removable plastic bin inside the can makes it easy to go bagless, allowing for quick and easy emptying or cleaning, or keeps the bag tucked out of sight.
  • Great for use in the bathroom, under desks or vanities, or anywhere you need a small trash can.
  • Made of high quality stainless steel and durable plastic.
  • 11.8H x 10D

Color: Stainless Steel

11.8H x 10D

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