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Silver Rolling Triple Laundry Sorter Hamper

Item#: 7044  | Customer Reviews: 1 of 5 (4 reviews)

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Triple threat clothes sorter with 3 washable laundry bags!

Triple threat clothes sorter with 3 washable laundry bags!
Option: Satin silver
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HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Rolling Triple Laundry Sorter Hamper makes laundry day look effortless. 3 separate, black, washable polyester bags keep your whites, lights, and darks separate and ready to wash. Or maybe your divisions are closer to nearly clean, dirty, and really dirty? Whichever categories you choose, this 3-bag clothes sorter saves time and energy on laundry day. Pre-sorting laundry lets you know exactly how much laundry each load has in it. It teaches everyone in the family how to better manage their own laundry. This 3-bag laundry sorter is perfect for the hallway, bedroom, or laundry room. Its removable bags can be lifted out 1 at a time for easy handling.  Washable bags keeps the sorter itself clean and fresh. A steel frame, steel wire handles on the bags, and sturdy construction, make this attractive laundry sorter hamper the perfect accessory for home. With smooth rolling casters and handles on either end, this sorter glides from room to room, keeping your laundry caravan moving right along. Whether at home or in the dorm, Household Essentials Rolling Triple Laundry Sorter keeps you outfitted for almost any laundry challenge, keeping whites white and reds red—never the twain shall meet!

  • 3-bag laundry sorter hamper with machine-washable, black polyester bags
  • Carry handles on 2 sides for easy bag removal
  • 3 sort options: individual bags for easy emptying
  • Rolling casters (2 locking)
  • Frame: 31.25"H x 30"W x 15"D; Bags: 20.75"H x 7.8"W x 12.4"D

Color: Satin silver

31.25h x 30w x 15d inches
79.3 x 76.2 x 38.1 cm

Why sort?
Sorting keeps your clothing in better condition in the long run. It allows you to wash based on manufacturer's instructions, so whites stay white, reds stay reds, and delicates can be treated as such. Or if your sorting is less persnickety, sort by work, play, and dress. However your and your family sorts their clothes, one thing is certain--sorting as you go makes laundry day just a little bit faster.

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  • Jury Is Still Out

    3 of 5   Posted by: Tuggy on 10/24/2020

    The frame looks sturdy enough and it was so easy to assemble that my 6 year old granddaughter helped. The hangers for the bags look a little weak. Time will tell.

  • terrible bags

    1 of 5   Posted by: Dcon624 on 04/13/2018

    This is the perfect product for sorting laundry. Each bag holds 2 small loads, or 1 larger load of laundry. Frame was great for me, but the square tags that hold the bags up tore within a few months of getting the hamper. I purchased a 2nd set, thinking maybe the first one was a defect, but it happened again. So now I have 2 laundry sorter frames, but no bags to keep the laundry in. I would recommend having some type of bar perhaps down the center of the underside so that it can help support the weight of the bags once laundry is in them. Do yourself a favor and purchase a different model.

    HHE Reply:
    Thank you for the feedback. We'll take a close look at our bags! In the meantime, please give us a call at 1-800-922-5524. We can see what we can do about bags.
  • Weak bags

    2 of 5   Posted by: on 01/06/2018

    I have the same issue as the previous reviewer. The bag tag holding the bag to the handle is failing on one of the three bags. I came to this site hoping to find a replacement bag. It appears this product is not built to last.

    HHE Reply:
    Thank you for letting us know. We are reviewing product to make sure our quality is where it needs to be. Please contact customer service at 1-800-922-5524 for a bag warranty, especially if these bags are less than a year old!
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