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Replacement mop head for 52102

Item#: 52095

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Leifheit Clean Twist Replacement Head, Microfiber

Leifheit Clean Twist Replacement Head, Microfiber
Leifheit Clean Twist Disc Mop replacement head fits the Leifheit Clean Twist Mop 52102. The replacement disc is made of fine micro fiber material which holds dirt inside. When wrung out in the special spinning mechanism it expels grit and dirt particles that can scratch a floor when it is being cleaned. New Clean Twist System Mop Set from Leifheit makes cleaning larger floor areas much easier. To use, dip the mop head into the bucket filled with your normal cleaning solution. Then, locate the wet mop head into the twist holder. Release lever on handle and simply press mop handle down. The mop head spins and water and dirt are expelled into the bucket. The more presses on the handle, the drier the mop head. For damp sensitive wooden floors it is an advantage to be able to control the moisture content in the mop head.

The patented twist system helps achieve this. Dirt and grit are flung out of the mop head when it is spun out in the bucket. With a standard mop and sieve style wringer, dirt particles are pressed deeper into the mop head and can cause damage to the floor. The mop head is made from microfiber, an excellent material for cleaning. The extremely fine fibers reach into crevices across the floor and lift the dirt out. Consequently, less detergent is required to release grime. Good for environment and good for the pocketbook too. Leifheit is one of the leading European suppliers of household and home products. A trusted name in Europe and beyond, Leifheit continues to develop innovative products for kitchen and home; continuing the tradition of marrying engineering, ergonomics and quality, while providing creative problem solutions that make life easier. Whether you require space-saving laundry solutions, a better way to mop your floor, dust or clean your bathroom, Leifheit has the perfect product to fit your lifestyle and needs.

  • Replacement mop head for 52102
  • Absorbent microfiber mop head
  • Ideal for cleaning tiles and stone floors
  • Fine fibres reach down into floor crevasses cleaning efficiently and effectively

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