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2.0 Inch Diameter Replacement Ground Sleeve

Item#: GS-200  | Customer Reviews: 4 of 5 (4 reviews)

Replacement Ground Sleeve for use with Household Essentials Dryers: 42-0 and 157420

Replacement Ground Sleeve for use with Household Essentials Dryers: 42-0 and 157420
HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Ground Sleeve is for use with Household Essentials Dryers: 42-0 and 157420.  This replacement part should be installed into the concrete when your set your dryer initially.  Using the ground sleeve makes it easier to take down your umbrella and parallel outdoor dryer during winter or bad weather.  The ground sleeve is made of strudy plastic and includes a cap.  The cap prevents ice from forming inside the sleeve when the center post is not in position (less mess in winter!). 

DISCLAIMER: The ground sleeve will not support an outdoor umbrella or parallel dryer if installed into the ground alone.  It should be installed into concrete.

  • Plastic ground sleeve for outdoor dryers
  • 2-inch diameter posts only
  • Sturdy gray plastic
  • Attached end cap
  • 11 inches high, 2 inches wide
  • Sleeve should be set in concrete

Color: Gray

11h x 2w inch
28 x 5.1 cm

Installation with Ground Sleeve:
(1) Dig a hold 8-12 inches in diameter and 20 inches deep that is wide at the bottom than at the top.
(2) Fill the hole with about 3 inches of small rocks, then pour about 6 inches of concrete into the hole (or until concrete comes to the bottom of the ground sleeve when held flush with the ground).
(3) Holding the sleeve in place, finish filling the hole with concrete (you may leave a small gap to fill in with dirt and grass if you wish).
(4) Immediately run a stick or tube through the sleeve and through the concrete to the rock base to allow water to drain.
(5) Insert the lower vertical pole of the dryer into the sleeve, then use a level to align the pole vertically.
(6) Remove pole and allow concrete to set fully, then install your dryer.

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  • Ground sleeve

    4 of 5   Posted by: Mike o on 07/13/2019

    The item is as advertised but I wish they would make it out of metal. Other than that great service.

  • Good Product

    4 of 5   Posted by: DeanO on 06/18/2018

    For the most part a solid piece. The tab that connects the top to the body is weak and the two were already seperated when I received the sleeve. Not a real problem.

    HHE Reply:
    Thanks for the feedback and review!
  • Good

    4 of 5   Posted by: Posty on 07/28/2017

    The ground sleeve resulted in being too large. But I cleaned up the old one after the new patio was placed and it worked fine. I did not return it because I didn't want to pay return shipping charges. This is a good product had the right size been ordered. Another proof that men can't measure! It was the contractor that measured the old one and said I needed the two inch one.

    HHE Reply:
    We're sorry that it turned out not to be the size you needed, but we do appreciate that you see the quality of the ground sleeve all the same! Wish it would have worked for you!
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