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WINDOW VISION Salad Plate China Storage Box

Item#: 534  | Customer Reviews: 5 of 5 (2 reviews)

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Salad plate for bowl storage chest holds up to 12 plates or bowls up to 9 inches in diameter in a stack up to 7.5 inches high.

Salad plate for bowl storage chest holds up to 12 plates or bowls up to 9 inches in diameter in a stack up to 7.5 inches high.
Option: Cream w/ brown trim
HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Window Vision® Salad Plate China Storage Box protects your salad plates and bowls while they are in storage. The classic cream-colored storage box with brown trim holds up to 12 plates or bowls. Each plate or bowl is separated by a felt protector that creates a cushion between plates and bowls. This storage box has a WINDOW VISION clear front panel that lets you see inside without unpacking the box. This also makes mislabeling much more difficult. The box has riveted handles with reinforced stitching that holds up to 25 pounds. The fully removable lid makes it easy to get to your dishes. And the solid bottoms, reinforced sides, and sturdy lid means you can stack these boxes too. As always, it is good practice to place heavier items on the bottom of a stack. So store your holiday china confidently and pull it out for festive presentations or . . . just because. Enjoy the finer things in life and care for them well. This WINDOW VISION salad plate china storage box measures 8 inches high, 9.25 inches wide, and 9.25 inches deep with the lid on. It best fits plates that are 9-inches in diameter.

This box can hold up to 12 salad plates, but can also be used to store bowls, and more. Included with the box are thick felt pads to use for protection between plates or bowls. This plate storage allows you to minimize clutter in your kitchen or dining room by storing rarely used or special occasion dinnerware. While in storage, this box keeps your dishes free of dust, dirt, pests and other problems. It’s also sturdy enough that you can stack other boxes on top of it. When it’s time to use what you’ve stored away, finding the right box is easy because it features a clear vinyl window, making it easy to see what’s inside. Whether you’re storing dishes in between holidays or special occasions or keeping them save for future generations, this plate storage box is certain to protect them for as long as your heart desires.

  • Sturdy china storage box for 12 salad plates or bowls
  • Fully removable lid
  • WINDOW VISION clear front panels to see inside box without unpacking
  • Comes with felt protectors or cardboard dividers
  • Riveted handles support weight up to 25 pounds
  • Stackable and collapsible for compact storage
  • Classic colors for year-round use
  • holds up to 9-inch diameter plate or bowl
  • 8" h x 9.25" w x 9.25" d inch

Color: Cream w/ brown trim

8h x 9.25w x 9.25d inch

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  • Works for bowls, too!

    5 of 5   Posted by: Steph on 09/12/2020

    Big window to easily see what's stored. Sturdy, and fits bowls as well as plates. A great purchase!

  • Great Product

    5 of 5   Posted by: Jane Rapps on 02/01/2020

    Wonderful product that is very well made.

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