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Plastic Liner for Glidez Standard 14.5-inch Under-Cabinet Organizers

Item#: 1517L

Plastic drip guard / liner for Glidez STANDARD 14.5-inch under-cabinet organizers.

Plastic drip guard / liner for Glidez STANDARD 14.5-inch under-cabinet organizers.
Protect your cabinets even better with plastic liners for your Glidez under-cabinet organizers!

These plastic liners act as drip guards and spill guards, helping to keep cabinets cleaner (and Glidez organizers) cleaner. The liners are removable, washable, and match specific Glidez organizers. Their notched corners tuck around the Glidez organizer frame to keep the plastic liner in place.  Each liner is made of semi-transparent PE plastic--a strong and flexible plastic perfect for this kind of storage. It has a milky color that helps the liner stay looking clean between washes.  Wash the liner in warm soapy water by hand for best results. This 1517L plastic liner is for STANDARD Glidez organizers that are 14.5 inches wide and 17.75 inches deep.  It can be used with baskets and trays. The liner measures 11.97 inches wide and 16.57 inches deep.

This liner only fits organizers that are 17.75 inches deep (front to back) and 14.5 inches wide (side to side).
Fits: C1517, C21417, etc.


  • Plastic liner for Glidez organizers that are 11.5 inches wide x 21 inches deep
  • Notched corners keep liner in place in both basket and tray style organizers
  • Protects cabinets and organizers from messes and spills
  • Washes clean with warm soapy water
  • 11.97 inches wide and 16.57 inches deep
  • Made of semi-transparent PE plastic
  • Fits: C1517, C21417, etc.

Color: White

11.97w x 16.57d inch
30.4 x 42.0 cm


Using Organizer's Dimensions --> Use this Liner <-- Organizer  Item #
How to Find the Right Size Liner
Read left to right if using dimensions.  Reads right to left is using item #.
11.5 1221L C1221
14.5 1521L C1521
20 2021L C2021
11.5 1217L C1217, C26512, C21217
14.5 1517L C1517, C21417


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