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MightyStor Large Hanging Garment Vacuum Bag

Item#: 4515  | Customer Reviews: 5 of 5 (2 reviews)

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The MightyStor Vacuum Bags is the safe way to compactly store and protect your favorite things.

The MightyStor Vacuum Bags is the safe way to compactly store and protect your favorite things.
HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS MightyStor Large Hanging Garment Vacuum Bag transforms hanging space to create more room in closets and wardrobes nearly instantly. This unique vacuum bag lets you pull the air out of your hanging garments the same way you would pull them out of bedding in a conventional vacuum bag. Fill this large garment bag with up to 5 suits or 10 shirt/pants. Tuck away Dad’s suits. Launder winter shirts, then keep them fresh until next season. Keep Mom’s favorite dress the way she always loved it best. The hanging garment vacuum bag has a sturdy zipper-slide for easy and secure close. The bag also has a unique vacuum valve with twist open and close to really keep air out, so your clothing stays safe and protected. And, as always, MightyStor Vacuum Bags are air-tight, water-tight, and reusable.  

This large garment bag is for use with a standard vacuum hose.  It measures 43.3 inches high, 27.6 inches wide, and 1 inch deep.

  • 1 MightyStor large hanging garment bag to store more clothes in less space
  • Ideal as garment bag for suits, jackets, and shirts
  • Triples your storage space
  • Gusseted sides
  • Air-tight, water-tight, and reusable
  • Double, sure lock closure with twist open and close
  • One way air valve
  • Shrinks to cube shape
  • Holds up to 5 Suits or 10 Shirts/Pants
  • Protects from mildew, moisture, insects, and dirt
  • Keeps stored items clean and fresh
  • Better protection for your favorite things
  • For use with standard vacuum hose
  • 43.3 inches high, 27.6 inches wide, and 1 inch deep

Color: Clear

43.3h x 27.6w x 1d inch
109 x 70.1 x 2.5 cm

MightyStor vacuum bags are strong and durable, designed to be used over and over again. Simply open the bag and fill. Each bag features the double, sure-lock closure for a solid seal every time. A finger grip runs the enter length of the closure, so you have an easy guide to grab and follow to press and seal your bag on the first try. 

Easy to use:
When the bag is sealed, remove the air from the bag with any standard vacuum hose. The one way air valve ensures steady air removal. Your contents quickly begin to compress as the air excess air is sucked away. What remains is protected, compacted storage that gives space and peace of mind. Vacuum Bags do what the best organized minds cannot do alone: they create space where there is none by quite literally sucking the air out of the room. By removing the excess air, your things take up less space, so you have more room for the things of daily living. Even better, when you are ready to use your stored items again, they spring back as fresh and clean as the day you put them away. 

Best way to protect your things:
So these MightyStor Vacuum bags are the best of the storage world, providing space in your closets and wardrobes while also protecting and preserving your favorite and best things from the hazards of storage everywhere: mildew, moisture, insects, and dirt. The bags are air-tight and water-tight, so you can store with confidence that your things are well protected. 

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  • Mighty Store bag

    5 of 5   Posted by: Rob on 05/14/2020

    Bags are well constructed and easy to use

  • Great Product

    5 of 5   Posted by: hunybun on 11/26/2015

    These are easy to use and keep our leather coats dry from dampness in our house.

    HHE Reply:
    Hi hunybun. Thank you for reviewing the large and extra large garment bags! I'm delighted they can help protect your coats.
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