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White Mega T-Post Assembly

Item#: FT-30  | Customer Reviews: 4 of 5 (3 reviews)

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Mega T-Post Assembly has a classic T design, attractive white powder coated steel finish.

Mega T-Post Assembly has a classic T design, attractive white powder coated steel finish.
Option: Silver
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HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Mega T-Post Assembly is the t-bar stand that you run clothesline through to perfectly space your clothesline. Two 3-inch diameter vertical sections fit snugly together to form a single clothesline pole that stands 86 inches high.  The 46-inch horizontal crossbar holds 5 lines (nuts and eyebolts to secure line included), so you have all the space you need.  The pre-drilled holes ensure that your lines are optimally placed for excellent air flow.  Its classic T design, attractive white powder coated steel finish, and plastic end caps withstand the elements and rugged use, giving you a post that holds up and looks good, too.  This single-post unit measures 86 inches high, 46 inches wide, and 3 inches deep.

This white Mega T-Post Assembly is a single post only.  Additional posts and clothesline sold separately.

  • White powder coated steel clothesline 86-inch high post withstands the elements and rugged use
  • 2 vertical sections (3-inch diameter) assemble to for a single post
  • Extra wide cross arm holds 5 lines, allowing maximum air flow between lines
  • Includes single center pole, end caps, nuts and 5 eyebolts to secure line
  • 86" H x 46" W x 3" D; POST: 3", 1.5 mm thick
  • Additional posts and clothesline sold separately

Color: White

86" H x 46" W x 3" D
218.4 x 116.8 x 7.62 cm

Post: 3" DIA, 1.5 mm thick

The T-Post Assembly is used to run and hang outdoor clothesline.  It is a single post only.  For a complete clothesline system, you will need to purchase two T-Post Assemblies and Clothesline, each sold separately.

We suggest burying the pole in a hole that is about 20 inches deep.  That will have line itself approximately 66 inches (5.5 feet) off the ground.  If you want the line higher, dig a shallower hole; deeper, dig a deeper hole.  

Installation Instructions: 
1. Dig a hole 8-12 inches in diameter and 20 inches deep. Taper the hole so it is larger at the top.  Fill the bottom of hole approximately 3-inches deep with small rock.
2. Rest the lower pole on the bed of rocks and pour approximately 12 inches of concrete into the hole around it.  Use level to align the pole vertically.  Allow the concrete to set fully before attaching clothesline.
3. Once concrete is set, fill the remaining space with dirt.

That's a 20-inch hole, 3 inches of rock, 12 inches of concrete, and 5 inches of dirt.


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  • Great Product

    5 of 5   Posted by: THOMAS on 03/15/2021

    Easy to install. Good quality and design.

  • Great Product

    5 of 5   Posted by: Bill on 05/31/2020

    Sturdy, we like it!

  • Easy to install

    4 of 5   Posted by: SteveO on 05/24/2017

    Easy to install, put together. Will see how long they last compare to the wood ones that we previously used for over 15 years.

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