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Leifheit Xtra Clean Collect Plus Parquet Broom, Turquoise

Item#: 45051-1

Crescent-shaped broom with X-clean natural bristles for parquet and laminate flooring.

Crescent-shaped broom with X-clean natural bristles for parquet and laminate flooring.
Leifheit Xtra Clean Collect Plus Parquet Broom now sweeps faster and more thoroughly, thanks to the innovative X-bristles and the new crescent design!  The unique crescent shape of the broom head collects the dirt right in the center of the broom, so nothing gets lost “en route”. The Xtra Clean Collect Plus Parquet Broom’s high-quality bristle mix is perfectly developed for cleaning parquet and laminate floors. Not only do the X-shaped bristles with split ends increase the sweeping surface, they also remove fine dirt and dust. The X-bristles are encircled by soft natural bristles, making floor cleaning even gentler. The angled broom joint is another plus for sweeping efficiency. The broom makes contact with its full sweeping surface – without being tilted – for more efficient sweeping. The Xtra Clean Collect Plus Parquet Broom has a sweeping width of 11.8 inches (30 cm) and is equipped with a wraparound, soft furniture protector. The plastic telescoping handle extends from 30-53 inches (75-135 cm). Equipped with the Leifheit Click-System, this handle fits all of the cleaning devices in the Leifheit Click Series. 

  • Practical crescent design broom with “dirt collection function”
  • Bristles made of soft natural hair for parquet, wood, and laminate flooring
  • Angled handle joint for full-surface sweeping
  • 11.8-inch (30 cm broom) surface
  • Wraparound, soft furniture protector
  • Easy-clean (just rinse under warm water)
  • Click-system telescoping broom handle (56673) extends from 30-53 inches (75-135 cm)

Color: Turquoise, black

Sweeping width:
11.8 inches/30 cm

Leifheit is a German company dedicated to fine engineering.  It creates precision instruments for cleaning, kitchen, and laundry, bringing high-end European design to the North American market.  


  Angled broom heads stays in contact with the floor!
Fits all Click-System handles.
  Specialized X-bristles trap and collect dirt, dust, and debris better than conventional brooms.
X-bristles combine with straight bristles for superior clean with fewer strokes!
  Rubber-tipped frame protects furniture and baseboards.
Soft-touch sweeping is better for the entire home.
  Again, unlike conventional brooms, Leifheit Xtra Clean Brooms stay in contact with the floor.  
Better.  Bolder.  Smarter.

Broom Comparisons

Natural vs. Synthetic Bristles


Straight vs. Curved Head

Natural bristles
  • Better for softer flooring
  • Gentler, softer bristles won't scratch surfaces
  • Can be rinsed
  • Ideas for wood, parquet, and laminate floors
Straight head
  • Classic shape
  • Familiar sweeping action
  • Narrow foot print fits into smaller spaces


Synthetic bristles
  • Multi-surface, multipurpose broom
  • Strong and durable bristles
  • Water-proof
  • Ideal for tile, stone, and outdoor sweeping
  Curved head
  • Sickle shape collects dirt and debris in the center of the head
  • Collects dirt with fewer strokes
  • Allows for rotating action without losing dirt
Item # 45050-1 45051-1 45052-1 45053-1
Angled head X X X X
Natural bristles X X    
Synthetic bristles     X X
Curved head   X   X
Straight head X   X  

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