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Leifheit Small Turn Out Glass Canning Jars, 6 pack

Item#: 03176

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6 pack of small, turn-out glass canning jars with straight sides and one-piece lids.

6 pack of small, turn-out glass canning jars with straight sides and one-piece lids.
This 6-pack of Leifheit Small Turn Out Glass Canning Jars are perfect glass cannisters for preserving delicious jams and jellies. They are safe to use in pressure and water bath canning. Each glass canning jar has straight sides and holds 167 ml (5.64 fl oz. / 0.71 cups). Straight sides are awesome for jellies, jams, and spreads. They are also ideal for fruit and vegetable canning as it's easy to judge your fill height for better canning results.  Most canning and mason jars have a shoulder, which reduces the surface area, but also makes it more challenging the food out afterwards!  The turn-out style jar can be stored upside down, or just turned upside down to get everything out of the jar. One-piece lids are a newer feature for at-home canning, but they have long been used in commercial canning (think about commercial jellies and spreads). This style of jar is convenient and reliable.  It has a PVC-based coating that is food-safe and that creates a strong and reliable seal. The push-top button center in the lid lets you know right away if your seal is good (just press down on the lid!  No give means you have a good seal!).  And nothing is more convenient after opening than a one-piece lid.  Just twist open, serve, and twist close to seal again. (Always refrigerate canned foods after opening!)  Perfect for holiday gifts and special occasions, this small glass canning jar with straight sides, no shoulders, and a one-piece lid reminds you that homemade really is the best.

Leifheit turnout jars #03176 & 03178 cannot be used for pressure canning.

  • 6-pack of easy-fill small turn out glass canning jars with straight sides
  • Twist-off one-piece lid with plastisol seal and push button lid
  • Suitable for pressure and water-bath canning
  • Holds 167 ml (5.64 fl oz. / 0.71 cups)
  • Ideal for food preservation and homemade cosmetics
  • Healthy alternative to plastic storage
  • German designed and engineered for superior quality
  • Leifheit turnout jars #03176 & 03178 cannot be used for pressure canning

Color: Clear

2.24 x 2.83 x 2.24 inch
5.68 x 7.18 x 5.68 cm

Capacity: 5.6 oz. / 0.71 cups / 167 ml

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