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Leifheit Quartett Over-the-Door Drying Rack

Item#: 81410  | Customer Reviews: 3 of 5 (1 review)

Quartett Over-the-Door Drying Rack is the quick and convenient way to have a drying rack handy all of the time.

Quartett Over-the-Door Drying Rack is the quick and convenient way to have a drying rack handy all of the time.
Quartett Over-the-Door Drying Rack is a small, fixed drying rack with support hooks that hang on doors, radiators, balconies, and ledges. It is designed to stay out, as a drying rack that is used regularly. The Quartett Drying Rack has four fixed bars to hold multiple items at once. It is easy to install, easy to use, and easy to have.

  • 4-rod over-the-door drying rack that also fits over radiators, balconies, and ledges
  • Brackets hang high on doors, keeping drying garments out of the way
  • 4 sturdy drying rods provide 6.5 ft. of drying space
  • No assembly required
  • Made of steel, powder-coated
  • German designed and engineered for superior quality
  • 2-year warranty

Color: Silver, blue

4.5" H x 22.75"W x 14.5" D

Leifheit is an anchor of European innovation. Now, Household Essentials® partners with them to bring you a superior array of cleaning, kitchen, and storage tools and gadgets. With precise design and engineering, Leifheit creates quality products that are worth the investment. And many of these products are an investment--there are cleaning and cooking systems that provide superior quality and performance. They combine technology with solid construction to make every item in their collection worthy of their name. Leifheit®, always a better idea. Brought to you exclusively by Household Essentials®, bringing you the best, from our Household to yours.

The Quartett Over-the-Door Drying Rack's versatile design allows it to be used in multiple locations. The short brackets allow it to hang within convenient reach on ledges, balconies, and railings. It hangs high on a door, keeping drying garments well out of the reach of curious pets. So, place one outside on the railing to dry swimwear during summer! Keep one in the bathroom to dry delicates or hold hand towels for the entire family. Keep another over the door to the laundry room for miscellaneous pieces. Hang one in the kitchen to dry dish towels and wash clothes between uses. It is lightweight and compact'small enough to stay out all the time.

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  • Great idea, needs some revising

    3 of 5   Posted by: Jen-Y on 02/11/2017

    I love the concept of the product and I'm glad I purchased it but i have a few issues. After using a few times, the rods are sagging already and I'm hoping they don't break. Also, the rods are spaced so tightly that it takes a long time for clothes to dry. I would double the space between the rods.

    HHE Reply:
    Hi Jen-Y. Thanks for the suggestions and review. It is a challenge to find just the right fit and I've shared your insights with Leifheit. One thing that might improve drying time for you with what you have is to use clothespins to hang your clothing. These lines are spaced more like clothesline than drying rack rods. I've found that helps!
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