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Leifheit Profi System Mop Press Set

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Profi System Mop Press Set is a cleaning system that cleans your floors with less fuss and mess.

Profi System Mop Press Set is a cleaning system that cleans your floors with less fuss and mess.
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Leifheit's Profi System Mop Press Set is a combination of Leifheit's best products--put together to make your day easier. The set uses classic mop-press technology to effectively removed excess water from the mop head. It also provides a large surface area for more efficient cleaning. The convenient handled bucket is easy to use and maneuver. The entire top lifts off for easy filling, emptying, and storage. When the top is on, the mop press can be activated by pushing down on the lever with your foot, for less mess and less bending. The set includes the Profi Floor Wiper Mop with aluminum handle, microfiber cleaning pad, and the mop-press, 2-gallon bucket. The microfiber cleaning pad is reusable and washable for a sustainable clean! Ideal for tile, stone, and laminate flooring, it's a system that makes mess-free mopping easier than ever.

  • Complete Profi mop system that includes Profi Floor Wiper, microfiber cleaning pad, and 2-gallon mop bucket with mop press
  • Innovative no-touch design allows used foot operation so you don't touch a dirty mop or dirty mop water
  • High-quality steel handle is lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Mop head has a 360 degree turning radius for better maneuverability around furniture and in corners
  • Multipurpose microfiber cleaning pad is reusable and machine washable
  • Foot-lever breaks down head to fit in the bucket and press, so there is no need to touch a dirty mop head or dirty water
  • Foot activated mop press removes excess water from cleaning pad
  • German designed and engineered for superior quality and precision
  • 3-year warranty
  • Compatible with the Click System
  • Replacement cleaning pads: Microfiber (55128), Extra Soft (55116), Cotton Plus (55117), and Static Plus (55118)

Color: Turquoise, silver, white

59.05 x 18.5 x 6.69 inches
149 x 46.9 x 16.9 cm

Leifheit is an anchor of European innovation. Now, Household Essentials® partners with them to bring you a superior array of cleaning, kitchen, and storage tools and gadgets. With precise design and engineering, Leifheit creates quality products that are worth the investment. And many of these products are an investment--they are cleaning and cooking systems that provide superior quality and performance. They combine technology with solid construction to make every item in their collection worthy of their name. Leifheit®, always a better idea. Brought to you exclusively by Household Essentials®, bringing you the best, from our Household to yours.

Tip 1:
The handle comes in 3 pieces. Line up the indicators on the side of the handle sections and press the sections together. This make take some effort! Once the handle is assembled, it cannot be taken apart again. This is a safety feature.

Tip 2:
You must have sufficient water in the bucket to submerge the cleaning pad. When wet, the clean pad folds naturally into the press, making it easier to maneuver the mop.

How to Care for Your Microfiber

Microfiber is a long-wearing cleaning material, especially when it's cared for.  Microfiber holds up to numerous washings.  Even still, it will eventually wear out!  When it does, give it a gentle pat, thank it for its service, and buy something new!  Happy cleaning!  
Machine wash
Wash on warm or hot (104°F/40°C) with mild detergent.  Air dry completely. 

Hand wash
Wash in warm or hot water with mild detergent.  You might need to use a soft-bristled brush to get some of the deep grime out.  Air dry completely.

DO NOT use fabric softeners or dry microfiber on high heat.  

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  • My 2nd Profi system

    5 of 5   Posted by: BarbB75 on 11/24/2017

    Bought my 1st Profi while living in Germany and it lasted over 15 years until the pail mop press broke. This is my 2nd Profi. Seems smaller but still does the job. Unfortunately, the 3piece mop handle is wobbly at the joints. I like the solid aluminum handle I had before much better.

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