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Leifheit Click System Floor Squeegee Head Attachment

Item#: 56670

Leifheit Floor Squeegee Head Attachment is a wide and sturdy rubber-tip floor squeegee.  It effectively and quickly removes excess water and suds from your floor.  It is part of the Click System, a system of cleaning tools that cleans your house from top to bottom.  This Floor Squeegee is particularly wide and hardy, making fast work of tile, stone, or laminate.  It's the effect you want in less time.   The sweegee head is 1.57 x 5.31 x 17.71 inch.

This item is for use with Leifheit Click System poles: 
Click System Telescopic Handle with Rotating Joint                 
Click System Extra Long Telescoping Handle, Aluminum        
Click System Telescoping Handle, Steel 

  • Click System wide, double lipped floor squeegee head for cleaning patios, garages, and other large surfaces
  • Double lip makes for better pull and more efficient cleaning and water removal
  • German designed and engineered for precision
  • 3-year warranty
  • Click System handles (56673, 41522, and 41523) sold separately
  • Compatible with Leifheit's Click System

Color: Turquoise, black

1.57 x 5.31 x 17.71 inch
3.98 x 13.4 x 44.9 cm

Wiping width: 17.7 inch/45 cm


The Innovative Way to Re-Make Household Cleaning

    This system understands that different tasks require different cleaning tools.  But we still don't want a thousand items cluttering our home!
    Instead, Click System allows you to reduce your clutter while still keeping the best cleaning tools.  

Choose one of 3 handles and use it with all of your cleaning tools!  That's the same clean with much less clutter.


How It Works

1. Choose a handle and cleaning head 2. Click the handle into place
3. Clean!
4. Switch out the cleaning heads for different cleaning tasks

9 Different Cleaning Heads

Cleaning heads to clean your home from top to bottom!
Windows Dusting Bathroom Floors
51320 41520 41701 56670
51520 41524   56671
51107 - Set     56672

3 Handle Choices

All handles have a no-slip endcap so they can lean against the wall and not fall over!

Standard - Steel Long - Steel Extra Long - Aluminum
41522 - with flexible head joint 41523 - extends for high ceilings

1 Perfect Cleaning System


Leifheit is an anchor of European innovation. Now, Household Essentials® partners with them to bring you a superior array of cleaning, kitchen, and storage tools and gadgets. With precise design and engineering, Leifheit creates quality products that are worth the investment. And many of these products are an investment--there are cleaning and cooking systems that provide superior quality and performance. They combine technology with solid construction to make every item in their collection worthy of their name. Leifheit®, always a better idea. Brought to you exclusively by Household Essentials®, bringing you the best, from our Household to yours.

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