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Leifheit AirBoard Compact Lightweight Thermo-Reflect Ironing Board

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Leifheit AirBoard Compact Lightweight Thermo-Reflect Ironing Board is an optimized ironing surface to give you the best ironing experience possible.

Leifheit AirBoard Compact Lightweight Thermo-Reflect Ironing Board is an optimized ironing surface to give you the best ironing experience possible.
Option: White, Blue cover
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Leifheit AirBoard Compact Lightweight Thermo-Reflect Ironing Board is an optimized ironing surface designed to give you the most exceptional ironing experience possible. It is exceptionally lightweight--significantly lighter than standard plastic and steel top boards. Its ironing surface is made from EPP, a stretched, ultra lightweight durable plastic that makes this ultra light 7.3 lb. board possible. A lighter board is easier to set and maneuver, especially for those with limited mobility. The board also has the unique thermo-reflect surface that reflects heat and steam to reduce how long it takes to iron your clothes by up to 33%. This 4-leg ironing board is both light and solid, with a compact frame and ironing surface that is perfect for smaller spaces and smaller jobs. The board's height adjusts from 29.5" to 34.6" to customize the fit of your board. An iron rest is attached to the back of the board so you have an accessible place to safely rest your iron. An iron rest can extend the life of your board and cover by reducing the chance of scorching. Enjoy quality construction and the best of German engineering from Leifheit, and truly have a better ironing experience.

Patent # 6,834,450 B2

  • Ultra-light (7.3 lbs.), small-sized ironing board that is significantly lighter than steel and standard plastic tops
  • Patent # 6,834,450 B2
  • Cover has Thermo Reflect titanium coating that reflects heat and steam for 33% faster ironing and is suitable for steam irons
  • Compact frame and ironing surface is ideal for smaller spaces and smaller jobs
  • Attached iron rest protects the board from scorching
  • High-quality German design and engineering
  • Safety leg-lock keeps legs from falling open accidentally
  • 3-year warranty
  • Replacement cover (72261) available

White, Blue cover

29.5-34.6 x 11.8 x 51.5 inches

Ultra light ironing surface 
43.3"l x 11.8"w

5-position height adjustment 

Leifheit is an anchor of European innovation. Now, Household Essentials® partners with them to bring you a superior array of cleaning, kitchen, and storage tools and gadgets. With precise design and engineering, Leifheit creates quality products that are worth the investment. And many of these products are an investment--there are cleaning and cooking systems that provide superior quality and performance. They combine technology with solid construction to make every item in their collection worthy of their name. Leifheit®, always a better idea. Brought to you exclusively by Household Essentials®, bringing you the best, from our Household to yours.

AirBoard ironing boards are elite boards designed for everyone. Whether you are new to ironing or have been at it a long time, these boards are for you. Classic and simple, yet combined with the latest in ironing technology, Leifheit creates an unparalleled ironing experience. It is what you should expect from German engineering. Perfect for home or as a gift, these are ironing boards that will last.

How is it so light?
Leifheit's AirBoards are made of EPP, expanded polypropylene. Basically, it's a kind of stretched plastic that is durable and extremely lightweight. This material, combined with ergonomic design, makes the AirBoards the lightest, high-quality boards you can find.

How many heights are there?
The Compact S has 5 height positions. It adjusts from 29.5" at its lowest to 34.6" at its highest.

What is thermo-reflect technology?
Simply put, it is special coating that bounces back (reflects) heat and steam. This means that clothes get double the effect'steam and heat from the iron and reflected steam and heat from the cover. This dual action shortens ironing time up to 33%, which is significant for those who just don't like to iron and for those who iron a lot. Win win!

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  • Great Product

    5 of 5   Posted by: Rhonda on 11/10/2017

    We downsized our home & could not find a place for a standard ironing board. The Leifheit Compact board is a perfect solution! We leave it set up in the master bathroom closet & we are very happy with the quality of the board.

    HHE Reply:
    That's great! Glad the LEIFHEIT Compact worked!
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