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Laundry Butler Rolling Cart with Laundry Basket and Hanging Bar

Item#: 6028-1  | Customer Reviews: 5 of 5 (1 review)

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Heavy-duty laundry butler uses wheels and a raised laundry basket with attached hanging bar to make laundry day a little easier.

Heavy-duty laundry butler uses wheels and a raised laundry basket with attached hanging bar to make laundry day a little easier.
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HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Laundry Butler is a laundry cart on wheels. This rolling laundry cart with laundry basket and hanging bar puts everything you need for laundry day in one place--making laundry day easier to manage. The laundry basket is raised, so there's less bending to load and unload washers and dryers (especially front-loading machines!) and NO NEED TO LIFT A LAUNDRY BASKET. The shelf underneath holds detergent, sprays, or folded clothes. And the hanging bar reduces wrinkles by letting clothes get hung up directly from the washer (to air dry) or dryer (to prevent post-wash wrinkles). Perfect for apartments and retirement communities, the laundry butler laundry cart helps people stay independent. Laundry loads stay manageable and within reach. And the cart can be pushed instead of lifted. This laundry butler is a great assistant and a good solution for seniors. It's also a good fit for small spaces that need the hamper, basket, and garment rack to be all in one. The 4 wheels swivel and rotate for easy handling on hard surfaces and carpet. Environmentally friendly CHROMELIKE luxurious powder coat finish, 2 wheels that lock, too, to keep the cart steady.  68.5"H x 23.625"W x 19.75"D.

Laundry can be a chore. Make it more enjoyable with this rolling laundry cart. This laundry basket cart has everything you need to make doing laundry a breeze. The cart has a tall, oversized basket to easily fit load after load of laundry. Underneath the basket you’ll find a shelf, great for storing folded clothes or any laundry products you need at your fingertips. The cart is capped with a hanging bar, great for hanging dry or wet clothes as soon as they’re laundered. The framework of the cart is constructed with metal tubing and applied with an environmentally friendly CHROMELIKE luxurious powder coat finish. This cart is attractive but still extremely functional and durable, built to withstand heavy use in a home or commercial space. The four swivel wheels make it easy to move your laundry wherever it needs to go, and two of the wheels have locks for those times you need the cart to stay in place. This cart is easily assembled, so within minutes you’ll be changing the way you do laundry for good. Get started with this rolling laundry cart today.

This compact laundry cart butler is perfect for homes, apartments, and condos.  It's especially good for those with limited mobility.

  • Compact wheeled laundry cart with basket and clothes rack
  • Basket mounted for easy loading and unloading of front-load washing
  • Sturdy hanging bar for hanging wet or dry garments
  • Bottom shelf for storing supplies or folded laundry
  • 68.5 inches high; 23.625 inches wide; 19.75 inches deep
  • Sturdy steel construction with 3-inch swiveling wheels (2 locking) for easy mobility and stability
  • Environmentally friendly CHROMELIKE luxurious powder coat finish
  • Load, unload and transport your laundry with ease using this sturdy but lightweight rolling laundry basket cart.
  • Features large laundry basket, shelf and hanging bar to carry and sort everything you need, all on four rotating wheels.
  • Great for any home, apartment complex or dorm, or for commercial use in hotels, restaurants, laundromats and more.
  • Made of high quality metal and plastic.

Color: Environmentally friendly CHROMELIKE luxurious powder coat finish

68.5h x 23.625w x 19.75d inch

CHROMELIKE is a new revolutionary powder coat paint that is the cleanest and closest thing to real chrome plating ever seen.  It is brighter and shinier than anything seen in the market place before.  All of this with the added value of being environmentally friendly.  Chrome plating factories are closing at a rapid rate all over the World due to the toxic and chemical concerns with the chrome plating process.     

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  • Great Product [Updated Review]

    5 of 5   Posted by: linda s on 07/26/2016

    We had a problem with the first one that we bought but they replaced it with better and sturdier wheels, good product, It really makes it easier for my 82 yr old mom to do her own laundry. [ORIGINAL REVIEW: the ball bearings falls out of the wheels didn't last 8 months ]

    HHE Reply:
    Hi Linda. We're glad the laundry butler helps your mom stay independent. We know how important that is to our own families. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.
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