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Laundry Bags

Laundry bags, hamper liners, and laundry bags.

Perfect for home, dorm, or apartment, these laundry bags can be use alone or as hamper liners and sorters. Also great for packing clothes and bedding for moving day.

Mesh Laundry Bag

Item#: 131

  • Nylon mesh laundry bag
  • Drawcord top and cordlock
  • Machine washable
  • Bag fits most hamper and sorter frames

Zippered Lingerie Wash Bag 2-Pack

Item#: 121-2

  • Set of 2 Medium-sized mesh bag with nylon zipper
  • Protects lingerie from harsh washing cycles
  • Ideal for pantyhose, slips, and other delicates
  • Mesh laundry bag protects garments from damage in washing machines

Zippered Lingerie Wash Bag, White

Item#: 121

  • Small mesh bag with nylon zipper
  • Protects lingerie from harsh washing cycles
  • Ideal for pantyhose, slips, and other delicates
  • 14 inches high and 18 inches in diameter

Sweater Wash Bag, White

Item#: 123

  • Medium mesh bag with nylon zipper
  • Eliminates the need for separate washing cycles
  • Bag protects valuable sweaters from harsh washing cycles
  • 18 inches high and 22 inches wide

Lingerie Bag with Wash Balls, White

Item#: 127

  • Fine mesh lingerie bag with washing balls
  • Washing balls help to clean by gently rubbing the clothes
  • Simulates hand washing
  • Zippered close

Laundry Mesh Wash Bags, Set of 3, Durable Polyester Bags, 1 Large and 2 Medium, Pink Plastic Zippers, Soft and Versatile, Great for Protecting Delicate Clothing or Small Accessories, White

Item#: 1213

  • Mesh wash bag set with two lingerie bags & one sweater bag
  • Soft mesh protects fine washables from snags & tangles
  • Zippered closes
  • 2 sizes accommodate a variety of garments

Hosiery Wash Bag, White

Item#: 130

  • Sturdy polyester hosiery bag for machine washing hosiery
  • 4 separate compartments for individual garment protection
  • Interior dividers prevent tangles and knots
  • Secure zipper close

Sneaker and Shoe Wash Bag, White

Item#: 135

  • Mesh shoe and sneaker wash bag that attaches to the door of front-loading washers and dryers
  • 40 inch long straps with up to 3-inch hook and loop overlap on ends (fits best on doors that have wrap length 32-38 inches)
  • For use in front loading and top loading clothes dryers
  • Hook and loop closure bag keeps shoes inside

Bra Wash Bag, 2-Sided, Mesh with Zipper Pockets, Prevents Tangles and Snags, Preserves Shape, Great for Bras, Underwear and Other Delicates, Pink and White

Item#: 124

  • Mesh bra-wash bag with 2 zippered compartments
  • Can wash multiple items at once without tangles
  • Fine weave mesh divides interior prevents hooks and wires from snagging
  • Round structure protects bras' shape

Bra Wash Bag, Large, Soft Polyester Mesh, Dual Zippered Compartments, Snag and Tangle Resistant, Contoured Design, Perfect for Expensive or Delicate Lingerie, White and Pink Trim

Item#: 132-1

  • This large bra wash bag is specifically designed with a contoured profile and soft mesh siding to protect delicates from snags and tangles while in the wash.
  • Features a large bra wash bag with dual compartments made of durable polyester and a fine mesh divider to encourage thorough cleaning, without excessive wear.
  • Use this wash bag to protect your delicate or expensive lingerie on machine wash cycles.
  • Both compartments are zippered for extra security, and the zipper tab can be tucked into its own pocket to prevent snagging!

100% Cotton Laundry Bag

Item#: 120

  • Extra large, classic 100% cotton laundry bag
  • Versatile: laundry bag, hamper liner, and perfect helper on moving day!
  • Drawcord cinch-top with toggle cordlock
  • Machine washable

2 pk 100% Cotton Laundry Bags Hamper Liners

Item#: 150-1

  • Set of 2 extra large 100% cotton laundry bags
  • Washable, reusable fabric bag for laundry care, travel, and more!
  • Drawcord cinch-top with cordlock
  • Machine washable

KRUSH CONTAINER Canvas Utility Tote with Handles, Rectangular Krush Tote, Water-Resistant Vinyl Lining,

Item#: 2213

  • Durable canvas Krush bag that collapses down compactly
  • Water-resistant vinyl lining
  • This canvas utility tote offers a classic bag to carry and store nearly anything, whether it be groceries, blankets, hobby supplies or laundry.
  • Pull open and shape to use then Krush down to store

Customer Reviews: 5 of 5 (1 reviews)

Doorknob Hanging Laundry Bag Hamper, White canvas

Item#: 148

  • Hanging laundry bag with patented design that hangs on the doorknob
  • Hook and frame holds bag open for easy use, and removes to convert to carry-bag
  • Full-zippered back for easy clothing removal
  • Heavy-duty, machine-washable canvas bag

Hanging Doorknob Laundry Bag Hamper with Black Trim

Item#: 158-1

  • Patented hanging laundry bag hooks onto door knobs
  • Stay-open bag with wire frame and washable fabric bag
  • Zippered back and fabric loop handle for easy emptying and carrying
  • Heavy-duty, machine-washable canvas bag

Laundry Duffle Bag, Poly-Cotton Canvas Pack with Adjustable Shoulder Straps, Drawstring Top, Pocket with Snap Closure, Chic and Multipurpose, Great for Laundry, Camping and More, Cream and Black

Item#: 162

  • Backpack duffel laundry bag to store and carry laundry
  • Long backpack straps that adjust
  • 0.3 mm padding on back
  • Front pocket with snap close

Round Laundry Bin, Soft-Sided Multipurpose Laundry Basket, Linen Lining and Short Handles, Tan

Item#: 2224

  • Round burlap basket hamper tote
  • Stands up on its own
  • 2 short handles
  • Burlap exterior