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LEIFHEIT Columbus Hot and Cold Beverage Carafe | 1 L White

Item#: 28300-1  | Customer Reviews: 5 of 5 (2 reviews)

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1 L hot / cold beverage thermos pitcher for keeping drinks warm or cold for hours.

1 L hot / cold beverage thermos pitcher for keeping drinks warm or cold for hours.
Leifheit Columbus Carafes are top of the line carafes made in GERMANY. These convenient pitchers conserve heat and insulate cold for 4-6 hours of perfectly temped beverage delight. Hot coffee stays hot. Iced tea stays cold. The carafes are so effective because of their double glass liner that conserves temperature. The Columbus Carafe also has an antibacterial design; it is specifically designed to prevent liquid from seeping into the lid or back into the carafe, keeping your carafe cleaner and free from nasty bacteria. So enjoy the best of your beverages for hours on end with the versatile, attractive Columbus Carafe. It's quality German engineering, made in Germany, and delivered to your door.

  • Premier insulated hot and cold beverage carafe keeps beverages hot or cold for up to 4 hours
  • Double wall glass liner keeps beverages hotter or colder than conventional insulation
  • One-hand handling and push-button operation for easy serving
  • Bacteria blocking pouring system for healthier beverage storage
  • Easy-to-clean design
  • German designed and engineered for superior quality

Color: White

9 x 9 x 6 inches
22.8 x 22.8 x 15.2 cm

Capacity: 1 L/34 oz.

Leifheit is an anchor of European innovation. Now, Household Essentials® partners with them to bring you a superior array of cleaning, kitchen, and storage tools and gadgets. With precise design and engineering, Leifheit creates quality products that are worth the investment. And many of these products are an investment--they are cleaning and cooking systems that provide superior quality and performance. They combine technology with solid construction to make every item in their collection worthy of their name. Leifheit®, always a better idea. Brought to you exclusively by Household Essentials®, bringing you the best, from our Household to yours.

For best results, prepare your carafe by filling it with hot water (for hot beverages) or cold water (for cold beverages first, and letting it rest for 3 minutes. This brings the liner to the right temperature so that even less heat is lost (or gained) when your real beverage goes in. It's rather like heating your coffee mug before filling it with coffee. That simple step keeps your piping hot beverage hotter longer.

Be sure to preheat or precool the carafe for better results.

Tip 2:
Wash the carafe with a bottle brush.

It is not dishwasher safe.


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  • Great Product

    5 of 5   Posted by: Gina on 04/28/2017

    I love this Carafe! I make coffee and bring it into work. It keeps it hot for many hours! Highly recommend! Easy to clean.

    HHE Reply:
    Hi Gina. Thanks for leaving us a review! What a smart way to bring in your coffee--I may have to borrow your idea. I still use a mug and am always wishing for just a little more! Curious, how long have you had your carafe? Thanks, again, for sharing with us! >>>GINA's REPLY: "This is my second Leifheit Carafe. My first one is Leifheit Pampered Chef. I bought it at a Pampered Chef party, like in 2000. When I went to go buy a second one, seventeen years later, I made sure it was the Leifheit brand. My first one works just as good but I wanted a second one. Needless to say, I’ll only buy Leifheit Carafes because they work!!!"
  • Best

    5 of 5   Posted by: Chip on 09/11/2016

    We have now owned two of these, and will probably be buying at least one more. I use it to keep ice water at my bedside overnight, but it actually keeps it cold for more like 24 hours if I pack it with ice. Caveat: DO NOT ADD ICE TO AN EMPTY CARAFE! It can easily break the glass liner, which is what makes the carafe so wonderful! One must be careful about the glass liner, but it is well worth it! I can't say enough good things about this product.

    HHE Reply:
    Hi Chip. It's always wonderful to hear when someone really likes something--and why! Thanks for the great reminder about not putting ice straight into an empty container, too.
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