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KRUSH Tall Collapsible Hamper

Item#: 2225

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The Krush Hamper pops open instantly and crushes down in seconds, making laundry more fun than it has been in years!

The Krush Hamper pops open instantly and crushes down in seconds, making laundry more fun than it has been in years!
Option: Black w/ silver
HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS KRUSH Collapsible Hamper lets you have fun with your hamper.  The Krush Hamper has the unique and wonderful ability to be crushed down when not in use.  Simply press down on the aluminum rim at the top of the hamper and watch as your hamper crumples under your strength.  Such a hamper saves spaces by taking up less room when not in use.  When you have need of it, simply grab it by that same aluminum rim at give it a downward jerk—like putting a pillow in a pillowcase.  Your hamper instantly reshapes itself into, well, a hamper.  

  • Krush soft-sided collapsible hamper
  • Sturdy and resilient with aluminum rim
  • Mesh cover to hold in laundry
  • Drawstring closure
  • Easy open/set-up

Color: Black w/ silver

19h x 13w x 13d inch
48.2 x 33.0 x 33.0 cm

Versatile placement options!
Set your hamper up in the laundry room.  Put it in a bedroom.  Pop another in the bathroom.  All week long, let it collect your laundry.  Then, on laundry day, empty your hamper and Krush it down.  Pop it open and Krush it again just because you can!  

Attractive and intentional.  It comes in sleek black with a silver rim, so you always know where to grab.   The Hamper also features a convenient mesh closure that extends beyond the top of the hamper, so even overfilled hampers can contain their loads.  The mesh cover allows laundry to breathe even while keeping it contained.  A drawstring close keeps it that way during transport.  

The Krush Hamper is ideal for compact spaces—or volatile ones.  
It works well in apartments, on boats with tight turns, in RVs, and in dorm rooms.  The mesh cover keeps everything together even if the hamper were to be accidentally knocked over.  It can also be more easily fit into that last space in the car.

The collapsible Krush Hamper is just one of many innovations from Household Essentials, where we work hard to anticipate your laundry and storage needs to make your living space more beautiful and efficient.   

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