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KROSNO Vera Champagne Flutes, 6 oz., Set of 6

Item#: K739-1

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KROSNO Vera Champagne Flutes are a set of 6 16-ounce glasses with modern design, distinctive angled bowls, and pulled stems.

KROSNO Vera Champagne Flutes are a set of 6 16-ounce glasses with modern design, distinctive angled bowls, and pulled stems.
KROSNO Vera Champagne Flutes are modern sparkling wine glasses with strong lines and stunning profiles.  Their most distinctive feature is their angular bowl that veers out and then cuts back to taper to the rim.  It is a wonderfully contemporary look for anyone who enjoys sparkling wine, with all the comfort and features you want.  The glasses have a tall, elegant bowl; fire polished rim for a smooth finish; and a long pulled stem, which means the stem and bowl are made for a single blob of glass, so you can hold your glass without warming your white wines.  Each glass in this set of 6 has a 6-oz. capacity.  The clear glass permits the subtle color of the champagne to show through for a  full-sensory experience.  The glass is also carefully blown so that the bowl is thin.  This ensures that when you drink your sparkling wine you will taste wine and not the glass.  It will also make it more comfortable to linger over your drink.  This champagne flute is ideal for sparkling wines, true Champagne, mimosas, and other delightful drinks.

The Vera Line of wine glasses includes the 6-ounce champagne, 13-ounce white wine, 16-ounce large white, and 16-ounce red wine glasses.

  • Each piece is carefully reviewed for quality and clarity, ensuring KROSNO's high standards.  Still, glass is fragile and requires careful handling to ensure years of enjoyment. 

  • Set of 6 modern champagne flutes with striking angular profile and tall 6-oz. bowl
  • Pulled stem and shaped foot
  • Fire-polished rim for exceptional smoothness
  • Hand blown by glass artisans in Krosno, Poland
  • 9.875 inches high, 2.375 inches wide, and 2.375 inches deep
  • Annealed for sturdiness and durability
  • Polished for clarity and brightness
  • 100% soda-lime glass

Color: Clear

9.875h x 2.375w x 2.375d inch
25.08 x 6.03 x 6.03 cm

Rim diameter: 1.5 inches

Base diameter: 2.5 inches

Vera Wine Glasses

Vera Wine Glasses are characterized by elegance and harmony. They perfectly combine modern design and functionality, while their unique and distinctive bowl shape distinguishes them from other stemware.  Vera glasses are perfectly crafted for wine and champagne. They guarantee that the tasting experience will be a veritable celebration.


Cut for a thin edge, then hand polished and fire polished for a smooth, clean finish.


The distinctive bowl beautifully showcases the color of wine and champagne, allowing a full-sensory wine-drinking experience.  Vera's bowls have a modern, angular design with striking lines.


The long stem on Vera Wine Glasses is elegant.  It effectively isolates the wine in the glass from the warmth in your hand.  Perfect for white wines and champagnes, and for controlling the warmth with reds.
  • Vera's pulled stems are made from the same grab as the bowl for a seamless stem. This provides durability and stability to the wine glass.
  • By contrast, attached stems are made from a separate grab of glass that is attached when the bowl is still hot.

Base, or foot

The broad base enhances stability and balance.

Handling and Care

Each KROSNO piece is carefully reviewed for quality and clarity, ensuring KROSNO’s high standards. Still, glass is fragile and requires careful handling to ensure years of enjoyment. 

We highly recommend hand washing stemware and handmade glass. If you choose to wash glass in a dishwasher, make sure that the glass is not touching metal or any other glass to reduce the risk of incidental breakage.

For best presentation:

  • Hand wash in warm water with minimal detergent; rinse in clean water
    • If washing in a dishwasher, be sure glass is not touching other glass or metal; remove prior to final rinse
  • Dry by hand with a soft microfiber cloth
    • Even if machine washing, remove the glass prior to the final rinse and drying cycle which may leave deposits on your glass
  • Polish glass using a microfiber cloth (i.e., polishing cloth)
  • Prior to serving, steam glass and polish once more for extra brilliant shine
    • Steam glass by holding the opening of your glassware about 6 inches about the spout of a steaming tea kettle until it fogs.  Polish the glass until the fog is completely gone. Admire the shine.

How to polish a wine glass:

Polishing glass preserves the brightness, shine, and clarity of your KROSNO glass.  It also prevents build up and deposit from minerals in water and beverages.  For the most beautiful, longest lasting glassware, polish your glass regularly.  And for striking dinner parties, don't forget to give your stemware a good steam!

ORDER: Inside, Rim, Bowl, Stem, Base

  1. Cradling the bowl of the class in one hand, carefully polish the inside of the glass with the other
  2. Next, gently run the polishing cloth (microfiber) around the rim of the glass
  3. Without leaving fingerprints where you've already polished, polish the outside of the bowl
  4. Holding the base of the glass, polish down the stem
  5. Last, polish the base.

NEVER twist the bowl and base in opposite directions.

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