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KROSNO Holden Wine Decanter, Handmade, 33 oz.

Item#: K707-1

Holden Wine Decanter is an elegant handmade 33-ounce wine and liquor decanter with wide base, narrow neck, and ground glass stopper.

Holden Wine Decanter is an elegant handmade 33-ounce wine and liquor decanter with wide base, narrow neck, and ground glass stopper.
KROSNO Holden Wine Decanter transforms the way you store and serve wine and liquor. This elegant decanter holds up to 33 ounces and is particularly suited to wines. It has a large flat base that allows the wine the spread and breathe without over-airing. Its narrow neck is elegant and easy to grasp for pouring. And the flared tip allows for a directional pour, so not a drop is wasted. It also has a handmade glass stopper, which is very difficult to make and highly unique. The glass stopper and top of the neck are lightly ground to create a seal. Because while wine should be aired to serve, it should not be exposed to air while stored. This grinding allows the glass to seal, so wine can be stored and served again later. Finally, the beautiful clear glass lets the color of the wine--whether rich red, soft blush, or subtle white--show through. This allows your wine to be as much a centerpiece as a beverage, encouraging a full sensory experience. It's a delicate and elegant touch to your table and an imminently refined way to enjoy your wine.

Holden Decanters have ground glass stoppers that make them perfect for storing liquor and temporarily storing wines.

  • Glass may vary slightly from dimensions listed because each piece is handmade. This is a mark of craftsmanship, evidence of the high-quality and care that go into every single piece of KROSNO glass.
  • Each piece is carefully reviewed for quality and clarity, ensuring KROSNO's high standards.  Still, glass is fragile and requires careful handling to ensure years of enjoyment.  

  • Elegant handmade wine decanter or water decanter with glass stopper
  • Wide base and narrow neck for easy pouring and stylish display
  • Thick sham unique to KROSNO glass
  • Hand blown by glass artisans in Krosno, Poland
  • 10.5 inches high, 7.625 inches wide, and 7.625 inches deep
  • Annealed for sturdiness and durability
  • Polished for clarity and brightness
  • 100% soda-lime glass

Color: Clear

10.5h x 7.625w x 7.625d inch
26.67 x 19.3 x 19.3 cm

Stopper dimensions: 3.5h x 2.5w inches 

Rim diameter: 2 inches

Rim thickness: 0.25 inches

Base diameter: 8.25 inches

Holden Decanter

The elegant Holden Decanter is more than merely a glass vessel for wine. 
It is also a superb centerpiece or table accent. It is a synthesis of luxury, 
functionality, and classic style.


The glass stopper is lightly ground to create a seal with the rim of the decanter, preserving the quality of stored spirits.

Decanters with ground stoppers may be used to store and serve.
Carafes, which do not have stoppers, may be used to serve.



The polished rim may be hand polished and/or fire polished for a smooth and delicate edge that allows for a directed pour.  This thin edge is hygienic and doesn’t absorb dirt or pigment.


Narrow Neck

The narrowed neck of decanters and carafes limits air exposure. It also provides an easy and secure place to grip during serving.


Wide Base

The broad base enhances stability and aesthetic, allowing the decanter and carafe to be both both centerpiece and serveware. The wide base also pools the wine or spirits, allowing for a controlled pour.

Handling and Care

Each KROSNO piece is carefully reviewed for quality and clarity, ensuring KROSNO’s high standards. Still, glass is fragile and requires careful handling to ensure years of enjoyment.  

Household Essentials’s collection of KROSNO glass is dishwasher safe, but we highly recommend hand washing stemware and handmade glass. If you choose to wash glass in a dishwasher, make sure that the glass is not touching metal or any other glass.

For best presentation:

  • Handwash in warm water with minimal detergent; rinse in clean water
    • If washing in a dishwasher, be sure glass is not touching other glass or metal; remove prior to final rinse
  • Dry by hand with a soft microfiber cloth 
    • Even if machine washing, remove the glass prior to the final rinse and drying cycle which may leave deposits on your glass
  • Polish glass using a microfiber cloth (i.e., polishing cloth)
  • Prior to serving, steam glass and polish once more for extra brilliant shine
    • Steam glass by holding the opening of your glassware about 6 inches about the spout of a steaming tea kettle until it fogs.  Polish the glass until the fog is completely gone. Admire the shine.

How to polish glass:

Polishing glass preserves the brightness, shine, and clarity of your KROSNO glass.  It also prevents build up and deposit from minerals in water and beverages.  For the most beautiful, longest lasting glassware, polish your glass regularly.  And for striking dinner parties, don't forget to give your stemware a good steam! 

ORDER: Inside, Rim, Top to Bottom

  1. Cradling the glass in one hand, carefully polish the inside of the glass with the other
  2. Next, gently run the polishing cloth (microfiber) around the rim of the glass
  3. Without leaving fingerprints where you've already polished, polish the outside of the glass from top to bottom (sometimes having two clothes is helpful to keep from leaving fingerprints!)

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