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KROSNO Glass Wine Carafe with Inset Ice Cooler Dish

Item#: K731-1

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Wine chiller carafe with ice dish.

Wine chiller carafe with ice dish.
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Keep chilled wine cool during dinner with this remarkable wine chiller carafe. Fill the ice dish with ice and place under the carafe! Wine stays chilled without being watered down. Perfect for mimosas!  Handmade in Krosno, Poland. Tapered neck for easy pour; holds a full bottle of wine.  Ice dish can be inverted over the carafe opening as a lid (great for an outdoor picnic!).  Handwash recommend.

  • Class serving carafe with innovative chiller compartment to keep wines at the right temperature
  • Ice cup fits under carafe to keep white wines chilled and mellow red wines
  • Serve and keep chilled wine chilled
  • Ideal for any chilled beverage: wine, juices, mimosas, cocktails, and more
  • MEASUREMENTS: 8.27'' H x 7.48'' W x 7.48'' D
  • SERVICE & WARRANTY: Household Essentials stands by its products with a 1-year warranty and customer service ready to help. If you have any problems, please contact us.

Color: Glass

8.27'' H x 7.48'' W x 7.48'' D

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