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Ironing Surface

Plastic (PMO) (3)
Steel (27)
Wood (4)

Leg Material

Aluminum (1)
Bamboo (0)
Steel (28)
Wood (1)


Cabinet/In-Wall (3)
Ironing pads (2)
Leifheit (2)
Over-the-Door (2)
Sleeve (1)
Standard (14” x 54”) (10)
Tabletop (5)
Wide top (18” x 49”) (9)

Ironing Boards

Standard, wide top, and compact ironing boards.

Discover a variety of ironing board sizes, styles, and features for the perfect fit for your space and the way you iron.  Includes basic table top ironing boards, standard and wide top free-standing ironing boards, built-in and wall-mount cabinet ironing boards, and over-the-door ironing boards.

Protective Pressing Pad

Item#: 128

  • Durable pressing pad diffuses direct heat from an iron and protects delicate fabrics and designs
  • Protects clothing from shine and scorch due to too hot irons
  • See-through fabric better enables you see what you are doing
  • Protects iron's surface from zippers and snaps

Accessory Sleeve Ironing Board, plastic top, Foam Pad and Natural Cotton Cover, Heat-Resistant, Compact and Easy to Use

Item#: 120010

  • This high-quality and compact sleeve ironing board provides you with a convenient way to press smaller and hard-to-reach angles of your clothing.
  • The board’s plastic top allows for even distribution of heat and steam. The cotton cover is scorch- and stain-resistant.
  • Use to iron face masks, sleeves, collars, hems and other small articles on its own or in conjunction with a regular ironing board
  • No-scuff leg caps prevent scratches on table and countertops.

Customer Reviews: 5 of 5 (1 reviews)

Silicone-Coated Ironing Mat, Heat-Resistant Cotton with Polyester Trim, Thick Foam Padding, Non-Slip Backing, Scorch-Resistant, Compact, Foldable, Perfect for Apartments or Dorms, Silver

Item#: 129

  • Heat and scorch-resistant ironing blanket creates a safe ironing surface almost anywhere
  • Non-slip foam backing keeps blanket in place
  • For use on flat surfaces: tabletops, beds, floors, etc.
  • Compact/foldable--perfect for travel!

Tabletop Ironing Board Presswood Top, Blue Cover

Item#: 120101-0

  • Collapsible, space-saving 12" x 31" tabletop ironing board
  • Legs fold flat for storage quick storage
  • No-scuff leg caps protect surfaces
  • 100% cotton cover (blue), 5 mm foam pad, and wood ironing surface

Handy Board Table Top Ironing Board, Steel Mesh Top, 100% Cotton Cover with Fiber Pad, Foldable with Swivel Hook, Silver with Magic Rings Cover

Item#: 122101

  • Tabletop ironing board with strong 30
  • Swivel hook feature: hangs over commercial or residential doors or on a closet rod
  • Steel folding legs for support and easy storage
  • 100% cotton cover and fiber pad installed

Steel Top Table Top Ironing Board with Iron Rest, Steel Mesh with Cotton Cover, Thick Fiber Pad, Heat and Scorch-Resistant, Over-The-Door Hook, Compact, Luxurious, Foldable, Gray and White

Item#: 133012-1

  • Compact table top ironing board with steel mesh ironing board
  • Compact board folds up, fits behind doors, and hangs over doors
  • Smooth cotton cover with trellis pattern and attached 3 mm fiber pad
  • OPEN: 8.5 H x 12 W x 30 D in. / CLOSED: 35.5 x 12 x 1.5 in. / IRONING SURFACE: 12 x 30 in.

Customer Reviews: 5 of 5 (2 reviews)

Tabletop Ironing Board, High-Quality Compact Ironing Board with Iron Rest, Includes Door Hang, Perfect for Dorms and Small Spaces

Item#: 131210

  • Steel mesh table top ironing board (great for steam irons)
  • Slide-out wire shelf holds hot iron during pressing
  • Over-the-door hook provides quick out-of-the-way storage Quick set up and take down
  • 100% cotton cover and thick 5mm fiber pad provides a resilient, matte-free ironing surface

Ironing Board with Iron Rest, Lightweight and Sturdy, Blue

Item#: 814513-1

  • This ironing board with iron rest has a number of features that will turn ironing from a chore into a pleasure!
  • The board has a mesh steel top and includes an iron rest, two cotton covers with foam padding, and dual leg construction with adjustable height.
  • Use this ironing board for all your pressing or steaming, then fold the board flat for easy storage.
  • Includes a 2 year warranty

Armoire T-Leg Ironing Board, Steel Mesh Top, Fiber Pad and Silicone-Coated Cotton Cover, Scorch and Stain Resistant

Item#: 262002

  • This steel top T-leg ironing board is a reliable addition to your laundry day routine.
  • The fiber pad and silicone-coated cotton cover are scorch and stain-resistant.
  • Upgrade your ironing experience with the use of this high-quality and space-saving ironing board.
  • Leg lock and caps make for a sturdy surface on level flooring.

Ironing Board with Iron Rest and Hanging Bar Solid Aluminum Frame and Steel Top, Chevron Pattern

Item#: 884916-1

  • This deluxe ironing board with iron rest and hanging bar will help you streamline and perfect your ironing with ease.
  • With solid 4 leg frame, steel mesh board, adjustable height
  • Use this board for all your pressing needs, and hang freshly ironed clothes on the hanger wire.
  • Includes a 2 year warranty

Leifheit AirBoard Compact Tabletop Ironing Board

Item#: 72583-1

  • Tabletop ironing board with ultra-light surface (weighs only 0.5 kg) that is 25% lighter than comparable ironing boards
  • Non-slip feet
  • 33% faster ironing with a Thermo-Reflect steam and heat-reflection cover coating
  • Suitable for any standard steam iron

Arched Leg Ironing Board, T-Leg, Steel Top, with Heat-Resistant Cotton Cover and Fiber Pad, Leg Caps

Item#: 715322-1

  • This arched leg ironing board is a perfect option for someone looking for a simple, stable and durable ironing board.
  • The board’s patterned cotton cover and fiber padding are both heat resistant, and a leg lock provides various height options and easy storage.
  • Use this ironing board to produce superior ironing results.
  • The steel mesh top is a durable work surface that evenly distributes heat and steam.

Self-Closing Over-the-Door Ironing Board

Item#: 144222

  • Self-closing over-the-door ironing board with steel mesh ironing surface
  • Built-in U-hook iron holder at the top of the board
  • Sturdier design with support feet that stabilizes board while open and protects doors
  • Closes flush to door to take up even less space!

Customer Reviews: 4 of 5 (2 reviews)

Bronze Over-The-Door Steeltop Ironing Board

Item#: 144336

  • Space-saving steel top over-the-door ironing board with 14” X 41” ironing surface
  • Single action open and close
  • Built-in iron holder at the top of the frame
  • 100% cotton cover (bronze) with scorch-resistant silicone coating and 3 mm fiber pad

Arched T-Leg Ironing Board, Steel Top and Silver Metal Frame, Heat-Resistant Cotton Cover with Fiber Pad, Blue Geometric Pattern with Matching Feet

Item#: 715320-1

  • This ironing board’s arched T-leg design and soft fiber padding let you iron with ease and precision, even on unlevel or carpeted flooring.
  • The board’s patterned cotton cover is scorch and stain-resistant, and the fiber padding is soft and dense.
  • Use as a reliable ironing surface on any floor.
  • Silver metal legs and blue caps provide great stability.

Ultra Ironing Board, 4-Leg, with Steel Top and Iron Rest, Cotton Cover with Fiber Pad, Heat and Stain Resistant, Antique Bronze Frame

Item#: 814620-1

  • This ironing board possesses a superior 4-leg structure and steel top: a high-quality upgrade from more basic options.
  • Features a heat-resistant, 100% cotton cover over thick fiber padding and a steel mesh top.
  • Use this board to make ironing quick, easy and enjoyable.
  • Includes deluxe black leg caps and leg lock for stability, while the iron rest offers a safe spot to set your hot iron.

Grande Steel Top Tri Leg Ironing Board, Wide Top

Item#: 816490-1

  • Steel mesh wide top ironing board surface for use with steam
  • 100% cotton cover
  • 3 mm felt pad cushioning
  • Attached steel iron rest

Euro Arch T-Leg Ironing Board with Retractable Iron Rest

Item#: 816018-1

  • Modern ironing board style with classic shape, stable arch foot stance, and 14" x 54" ironing surface
  • Retractable iron rest slides in to store in less space
  • The board’s stable tri-leg system, colorful design and convenient iron rest contribute to a wonderful ironing experience.
  • 100% cotton cover (print) with 5 mm fiber pad

Deluxe Ironing Board, 4-Leg, Steel Top with Iron Rest, Cotton Cover and Fiber Pad, Scorch and Stain Resistant, Silver Frame

Item#: 865510

  • This deluxe 4-leg ironing board combines stability and high-quality materials to create the perfect press.
  • Steel mesh top allows for better circulation of heat and steam. Natural cotton cover and padding are heat-resistant.
  • Use to make your ironing routine more enjoyable and successful.
  • Handy iron rest and adjustable board height add comfort and customization.

Wide Top Ironing Board, 4-Legs, Steel Top Ironing Board with Fixed Iron Rest, Fiber Pad, Silver Frame and Silicone-Coated Cotton Cover

Item#: 972020-1

  • This wide, 4-leg ironing board offers an abundance of utility and practicality to those looking for a wonderful ironing experience and superior results.
  • The ironing board’s top is made of durable steel, while the silver cotton cover is tested to exceed scorch and stain-resistant standards.
  • Achieve better ironing results with fewer wrinkles and creases with this quality ironing board.
  • Includes iron rest and hanger bar for convenience.