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IRON 'N FOLD Floor-Standing Cabinet Ironing Board, White

Item#: 18300-1  | Customer Reviews: 5 of 5 (4 reviews)

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14.125 x 41 steel mesh ironing board in a floor-cabinet that attaches to the wall (not in it). Wheelchair accessible.

14.125 x 41 steel mesh ironing board in a floor-cabinet that attaches to the wall (not in it). Wheelchair accessible.
Option: White
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HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Iron 'n Fold ® Floor-Standing Cabinet Ironing Board has the look of a built-in cabinet without the construction of one. This cabinet ironing board sits on the floor and attaches to the wall (studs preferred)--no cutting into drywall. The cabinet is 48.5 inches high and sticks out approximately 5.375 inches from the wall. Because of the 8.5" high baseboard cutout that fits over almost all residential baseboards, it sits flush against the wall, leaving the top edge of the cabinet as a 5-inch ledge. The sliding cabinet door slides open to the right, but it can be flipped around to slide open to the left. The steel mesh top ironing board is spacious--41" long x 14.125" wide--and perfect for steam ironing. Unlike many built-in styles, this ironing board in this cabinet has multiple height settings and can be be adjusted from standing or sitting. The cabinet installs quickly and easily into bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, laundry rooms, and kitchens. The closed ironing board cabinet is 48.5 inches high, 18.5 inches wide, and 5.375 inches deep and requires at least 36 inches of side-to-side clearance to allow the door to slide open. Ironing Board adjusts from the Lowest setting is 29”, Highest is 43”.

To secure the board in the up position firmly press down the locking black cap.

PATENT NO. 9,119,467

  • White ironing board cabinet that attaches to the wall and rests on the floor (PATENT NO. 9,119,467)
  • Keeps ironing board handy and out of sight
  • 4 height settings and wheelchair accessible
  • Cabinet: 48.5 in. H (8 in. baseboard cutout) x 18.5 in. W x 5.375 in. D; Ironing surface: 14 x 41 in.
  • Door comes installed sliding to the right (can be reversed to slide left)
  • Steam-safe steal mesh ironing board and MDF white laminate cabinet
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty with proof of purchase
  • Replacement cover (2010-01, 2010-02) sold separately
  • To secure the board in the up position firmly press down the locking black cap.
  • Ironing Board adjusts from the Lowest setting is 29”, Highest is 43”.

Color: White

(closed) 48.5h x 18.5w x 5.375d inch
123.1 x 46.9 x 13.6 cm

Ironing Surface:
14.125 x 41 inches

Interior Cabinet:
43.5h x 16.5w x 3.875d inch

Ironing Board adjusts from the Lowest setting is 29”, Highest is 43”.

  WARNING:  For California Residents
The State of California has determined that this product can expose you to chemicals including formaldehyde (gas), which are known to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. TSCA Title VI Compliant for formaldehyde California 93120 Compliant for formaldehyde, Phase 2. For more information go to

Easy to use!
Simply slide the cabinet door open and lift the board to the full upright position. A stability cone slides down to cover the board's support brace for extra stability and security while you iron. When you're finished ironing, simply return the board to the highest position and fold the board down, nose to the floor. Slide the door closed, and your foldaway ironing board is hidden out-of-sight until the next time you need it.

Multiple heights!--and wheel chair accessible!
The board has multiple heights for easy ironing for everyone. A palm lever at the back of the board lets you adjust the board's height while standing. A U-shaped lever under the board allows the height to be adjusted from a seated position.

Versatile and stylish!
The foldaway ironing board can be tailored to your home or office needs, whether it's in your laundry room, closet, kitchen, or bath. It rests on the floor against any wall. A baseboard cutout along the base of the unit allows the foldaway to stand on the floor and rest flush against the wall. And the narrow top provides a convenient shelf. The unit comes installed with a left-sliding door. But you can change the direction the door opens by simply removing the door and flipping it so that the bottom slide becomes the top slide. Reinstall the door, and, voila, your foldaway ironing board is customized to you!

One-piece cover and pad
The Iron 'n Fold® ironing board comes with a one piece construction cover and pad that features Household Essentials®  Nanomax® coating, a stain a scorch resistant coating that extends the longevity of your cover and pad. With tailored nose and bungee cord binding, the natural cover and pad is a valuable addition to the convenience and effectiveness of your standing, foldaway ironing board.


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  • Great Product

    5 of 5   Posted by: RIA on 03/15/2021

    I bought this on Amazon. I was impressed by the packaging of this product and the quality, I like how easy to mount and the iron board convenience. It looks beautiful in my laundry room. Overall Amazing product!

  • Love this Ironing Board

    5 of 5   Posted by: Shirleym on 08/07/2020

    O.K., so I know VERY few people who like to iron - let's be honest. BUT - I have to say I love my new Iron 'n Fold Cabinet Ironing Board. I have had several other built-in ironing boards, and I did not like them, because they were not sturdy, too small, hard to handle, etc. This little darlin' is such an engineering masterpiece. It's a beautiful close-to-the-wall cabinet piece when closed, and it is so easy to slide the door open and raise the board and lock into place. The top of the cabinet is just deep enough to set the can of spray starch on, as well as my phone, water bottle, etc. The ironing board itself is strong and sturdy and doesn't bend when pushing down to iron out stubborn wrinkles. I got so tired of wrestling with a cumbersome standard ironing board, pulling it out of the closet every time I just wanted to do a little bit of ironing (or a lot). For those of us who still like our clothes looking good and without wrinkles - even though it's not our favorite task - you owe it to yourself to make life a little easier. BTW, my husband "installed" this, including changing the direction of the door slide, in just a very few minutes. This review is totally on my own - I was not asked or enticed to write it by the seller/manufacturer. I highly recommend this unit.

  • Just the ironing board I wanted

    5 of 5   Posted by: Giova on 06/02/2020

    I wanted this board for a tight space in my laundry room. This is compact against the wall, leaving me room to walk around it for ironing. It adjusts easily, and it is incredibly sturdy. The quality is truly remarkable. And it's almost as big as a full-size board that takes up half a closet, so I can iron a table cloth with little hassle. I'll shop at Household Essentials again!

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