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Folding Bamboo Screen, Basket weave

Item#: 2176-1

Household Essentials Folding Bamboo Screen is a beautiful, stylish tri-fold dressing screen that opens and closes like an accordion.  Its 3 doors attach to one another, creating a charming decorative privacy screen for your home.  The 3 panels attach to each other by sturdy hinges that allow the screen to be opened and closed--and tailored to your space.  The accordion fold allows the screen to fit a variety of spaces, from the a doorway to the corner of a bedroom, creating a truly unique look that suits your space.  The doors are made from flat bamboo that has been woven like a basket to create a beautiful panel.  This attractive weave allows light  and air to filter through, while simultaneously creating a perfect dressing screen.  Use this versatile 3-panel screen as a dressing screen or an statement decorative piece.  Either way, at about 5.5 feet high, it's the perfect addition to your space.  And just to enhance its appeal, the screen folds up to just about 13 inches wide, so you can slip it in your closet or behind the door to store it.  Unfolded, the screen measures 65.94 inches high, 38.98 inches wide, and 0.47 inches deep.

  • Free-standing accordian bamboo screen
  • 3 attractive, hinged basket-weave panels
  • Folds to single panel width (approx. 13 inches)
  • Ideal decorative or privacy screen
  • 65.94 inches high, 38.98 inches wide, and 0.47 inches deep
  • Easy assembly

Color: Natural

65.94h x 38.98w x 0.47d inch
167. x 99.0 x 1.19 cm

Why bamboo?
Bamboo is a quick-growing grass behaves a lot like wood.  It is extremely strong and durable, making it a favorite construction material for sustainable building projects.  Its strength, durability, and water-resistance also make it a go-to for kitchen utensils and even musical instruments.  Because it grows so quickly, its supply is easier to maintain at healthy levels.  With bamboo, there is less chance of deforestation and depleting supplies.  It's beauty makes it appealing, it's strength makes it dependable, and its quick-growth makes it sustainable.

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