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Folding Bamboo Laundry Hamper with Lid

Item#: 6214-1

Folding bamboo hamper with removable lid

Folding bamboo hamper with removable lid
HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Folding Bamboo Hamper with Lid will bring a day spa feel to your laundry routine! This hamper features a removable hinged lid and a design of simple, clean lines. Built of sturdy bamboo, the hamper contains a removable cotton bag and has cut-out handles for ease of portability. Lightweight, pleasing to the eye, and natural in its elements, the folding bamboo hamper is a practical and simple solution to your laundry quandaries.

  • Laundry hamper with simple, clean design that holds 1-2 loads of laundry
  • Solid bamboo construction
  • Cut out handles for portability
  • Removable hinged lid
  • Folds flat for storage

Color: Natural, Natural bag

23.62h x 19.7w x 13.78d inch
59.9 x 50.0 x 35.0 cm

Parts Material Specs, Hardware, and Finish
Component Parts Specs and Size
Frame Bamboo board made from 15 mm wide bamboo strips; 12 hinges
Bottom board Plywood, 330 x 475 mm
Top cover 15 mm wide bamboo strip
Bag with handle 80/20 polycotton; bamboo handle dia: 15 mm
Bag dimensions (inches) 21.85 H x 17.32 W x 12.6 D
Fabric wt. per sq. yd. 125 g
Finish Clear
Product set-up dimensions (inches) 23.62 H x 19.7 W x 13.78 D

The perfect size for any bathroom, closet, bedroom, or hallway, this well-constructed bamboo hamper serves your laundry needs with durability and simplicity. The bamboo frame and natural cotton bag within provide a comfortable home for your clothing until laundry day. But don't let the sleek frame deceive you! Inside you'll find plenty of space to hold all of your clothing and linens.

Easy Use!
When the hamper is full, simply lift the hinged lid or remove it altogether, slide the oversized natural cotton bag off the wooden rods, and off to the washer you go! Simple design, simple assembly, simple solution to your laundry needs. This fantastic folding bamboo hamper with a removable, hinged lid from Household Essentials is designed with your convenience and enjoyment in mind. 

Setting up this lovely hamper:
So easy! Simply fold out the hinged sides, place the wooden bottom inside to rest on the frame, and slide the hinged lid in place. Then slip the large-capacity cotton bag over the wooden rods and set inside the rim, and your assembly is complete. No tools and no frustrating assembly guides! 

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