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White Dual Bra Wash Bag

Item#: 124

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Keep your bras untangled in the wash with this zippered dual bra wash bag

Keep your bras untangled in the wash with this zippered dual bra wash bag
HOSUEHOLD ESSENTIALS Dual Bra Wash Bag is a compact zippered wash bag especially designed for bras. It has a fine mesh that won't snag hooks. And the bag's 2 compartments, divided by a fine mesh, keep bras from tangling with each other.  The round structure also helps cups maintain their shape over time, extending the life of your undergarments. So wash with peace of mind. You have our full support. The bag works best when bras are folded in half and inserted at an angle, so that bras align like shoes in a shoe box. The bag does accommodate underwire bras, though some styles (i.e., padded) and sizes fit better with just 1 bra in the bag at a time. This Dual Bra Wash Bag can also be used to wash lingerie sets so they are easier to match. As always, it is recommended to wash lingerie on your machine's delicate cycle. This lingerie bag is 7 inch dia and 4.5 inches high.  

  • Mesh bra-wash bag with 2 zippered compartments
  • Can wash multiple items at once without tangles
  • Fine weave mesh divides interior prevents hooks and wires from snagging
  • Round structure protects bras' shape
  • 7 inches Dia and 4.5 inches H

Color: White with Pink Trim

7" dia x 4.5" H

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