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Double Garment Rack, Stainless steel

Item#: 3308-1

Household Essentials Double Garment Rack has more than enough room to store, display, or even air dry your clothes!  This expansive rolling clothes rack has 2 tiers of storage: a higher back hanging bar and a lower front hanging bar.  The difference in height allows you to hang all lengths of clothing and linens easily.  The difference also lets you stagger your hanging clothing so that air flows better around it.  Both ends of both hanging bars extend to instantly create more hanging space.  Perfect for extra clothing storage or even as a convenient air dryer or impromptu closet for guests!  Enjoy more than twice the hanging space with this Double Garment Rack.  This clothes rack is 68.9 inches high, 39.4 inches wide, and 17.9 inches deep.

  • Rolling garment rack with 2 extendable hanging rods
  • Large wheels
  • Bottom storage shelf
  • Higher rear rack holds longer garments
  • 68.9 inches high, 39.4 inches wide, and 17.9 inches deep
  • Dual extendable racks
  • Lightweight

Stainless steel

68.9h x 39.4w x 17.9d inch
175.0 x 100. x 45.4 cm

Assemble from the bottom up!
1. Screw wheels (B) into the lower rack (A).
2. Align 1 lower upright pole (C) with 1 of the holes in the top of the lower rack. Pass one of the included screws (I) through the bottom of the lower rack and into the upright pole.  Tighten with a Phillips screwdriver.  Repeat with the 3 remaining lower upright poles (C).
3. Attach the cross bars (D) to the lower vertical poles.
4. Screw the tall extensions (E) into the top rear openings of the cross bars.  (This will make the rear vertical posts higher than the front.)
5. Screw the short extensions (F) into the top front openings of the cross bars.
6. Place the top hanging rods (G and H) onto the tall and short extension bars

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