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Colorful Indoor Outdoor Resin Wicker Foot Stool Ottoman Storage Basket

Item#: ML-5006

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Bright, neon-colored low resin wicker accent table makes perfect lounge table, footstool, or floor basket.

Bright, neon-colored low resin wicker accent table makes perfect lounge table, footstool, or floor basket.
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HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Indoor Outdoor Resin Wicker Low Barrel Side Table brightens up the outdoors--and indoors!  This colorful low table is 9 inches high and 20 inches in diameter. It is designed to be bright, cheerful, and multipurpose, so it can work with your lifestyle all year long. The rounded barrel design has no sharp corners, make a safer table for shins.  Its low profile also makes it ideal for lounging outdoors, having movie nights on the living room floor, or propping up your feet after a long day.  Made from sturdy synthetic resin wicker, the table is durable and weather-resistant. It also resists color fade (though it will keep its color longer if protected from prolonged sun exposure). This versatile accent table can be flipped over as a floor basket hamper.  It's perfect for a stack of blankets and pillows!  With a sturdy metal frame--painted white--and bright bands of neon color, this low accent table is perfect for an active household as it moves from room to room, use to use, hour to hour.  Enjoy the look and feel of wicker, now in brighter colors!

Please note: color and size may vary some because each piece is handwoven.

  • Brightly colored side table for indoor or outdoor use
  • Sits low to the ground as side or accent table or footrest
  • Can be flipped over as a colorful open basket or hamper
  • Made from synthetic resin wicker and a sturdy metal frame painted white
  • 9.5 inches high, 20 inches dia
  • Weather and color-fade resistant
  • Easy to clean (can be hosed off or washed with mild soap and water)
  • Does not attract *most* wicker-scratching pets
  • Note: Color band thickness and size may vary slightly from listing as each item is made by hand
  • 1 year warranty

Color: Multicolor neon

9.5 inches high, 20 inches dia

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