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Collapsible Thermal Bag Cooler, Red

Item#: 2170-1

Soft sided insulated thermal bag cooler with waist-height 4-leg metal stand.

Soft sided insulated thermal bag cooler with waist-height 4-leg metal stand.
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HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Collapsible Thermal Bag Cooler is a large, cooler-style thermal bag--perfect for tailgating and outdoor BBQs. The bag's flexible sides make is easy to store, crushing down compactly when empty. It zips open and closed, and fills to hold up to 20 lbs. It even has a hook and loop quick-grab flap on top to make getting quick!  The bag helps maintain the chill inside the bag with its special lining and sonic welded interior. That sonic weld creates an almost seamless interior that resists leaks.  The exterior of the cooler will "sweat" in heat, but melted ice stays in the bag. This bag cooler comes with a collapsible metal stand that lifts the cooler bag to waist height--33.1 inches off the ground! Keep drinks within easy reach, carry them easily, fill and restock, keep drinks cold, and fold it all down when you're finished!  The thermal cooler bag lifts off the legs for easy transport in the back of the family car. Take it tailgating, camping, and to your neighborhood BBQ. This soft-side Thermal Bag Cooler is 18.1 inches in diameter and includes the metal stand that raises it 33.1 inches off the ground.

This cooler passed SGS testing.

  • Load test: Held 45 pounds for an hour with no damage to product.
  • Leak test: Filled to 80% capacity with water for 24 hours with no leaking.

  • Soft-sided insulated thermal bag cooler with 4-leg metal stand
  • Deep enough to hold plenty and support up to 20 lbs
  • Zippered lid opens fully for easy filling
  • Grab-flap in the top
  • Extremely lightweight before filling
  • 2 attached handles on bag
  • Bag and stand collapse and store together or separately
  • 33.1 inches high; 18.1 inch diameter bag
  • Passed SGS Load and Leak tests: held 45 lbs for an hour/held 80% water fill for 24 hrs with no leak

Color: Red and black

33.1h x 18.1w x 18.1d inch
84.0 x 45.9 x 45.9 cm

Dimensions when folded:
5.31h x 5.11w x 35.8d inch
13.5 x13 x91 cm.

Weight empty: 4.1 pounds

Why we love it!
Keeping drinks cold is the challenge of outdoor fun. It's even a challenge at indoor gatherings and holidays. Now you have a portable cooler that is versatile and easy to move around. Use it as a cooler bag or as the focal point of party drink station. Save the bulky boxes for other things. Pack, haul, and set up this soft-sided cooler, then step back for fuss-free access without the double bend (and without hogging the end of the picnic table). Save your knees, hips, and balance.

What makes it so great?
It is hardy and lightweight--the perfect combination for a cooler. The stand is made of black powder coated steel. The tubular steel legs are 1/2" in diameter with a .6mm wall thickness. That thickness, with its continuously connected design, makes is more steady and more hardy. The reflective foil and 15c Peva liner paired with 15mm insulation keeps beverages cold for up to 12 hours. All seams are sonically welded and will not leak. The carry bag is made from 150d polyester with a hook and close hand flap for easy access.

For Best Results:
Set the cooler up in an easy access location. Layer your drinks and ice--and throw in some salt water! Adding salt water to your ice chills drinks faster and helps keep them cooler. The salt lets the liquid water in the cooler get colder than it would otherwise, which means you have colder drinks quicker.

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