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Collapsible Storage Box Set, Pink

Item#: 10KDPNK-1

Collapsible Storage Box Sets combine the strength you need with the attractiveness you want.

Collapsible Storage Box Sets combine the strength you need with the attractiveness you want.
HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Collapsible Storage Box Set is a convenient 2-box set of pink, lidded storage boxes. This brightly colored set has built in grommet handles for a firm place to grip. The two boxes are identical and measure 8 inches high, 12 inches wide, and 15 inches deep. They are large enough to store quite a bit, and small enough to fit on shelves without being to heavy to lift! Each box has reinforced sides for extra stability.  This means the boxes sit side-by-side or be stacked. The lift-off lids make it much easier to get in and out of than a typical cardboard box. The pink storage boxes are deeper than they are wide, so they fit better on shelves. Perfect for bedrooms, door rooms, and family areas, these easy-access storage boxes make cleaning up quick and effortless. And each box is collapsible, to compactly store the box itself. So bring order to your home, and have fun doing so, with this pink storage box set.  Find the color you want for every mood and season.  

  • 2 piece Collapsible Storage Box Set with removable lid for easy storage and organization
  • Conveniently sized to fit most shelves and to stack!
  • Sturdy lidded boxes keeps stuff handy yet out-of-sight for quick clean up
  • Built-in grommet handles keep it easy to lift and access
  • Perfect for changing with the seasons
  • Collapsible for easy seasonal storage and decor changes
  • 8 inches high, 13 inches wide, and 15 inches deep

Color: Pink

8h x 13w x 15d inch
20.3 x 33 x 38.1 cm

Which color should I choose?
The meaning of color changes across cultures and over time. Still, colors mean something to each of us, even if only to say we like them! So choose the colors that reflect you! Pinks are associated with tenderness, sensitivity and caring. They are sympathetic and friendly, so they can create a very welcoming space when used as an accent color. Strong, storable, and stackable! Each box in the 2-box set features hard sides, sturdy construction, and fully detachable lids, so boxes can be stacked'instantly opening up horizontal storage space. The fully detachable lids protect your keepsakes and provide easy access to your box, making it a simple task to put things away and to take them out again.

Versatile storage!
Whether you are organizing your closet or someone else's, your room, office, or trunk space, these collapsible, hard-sided storage boxes turn clutter into order. Choose one color or choose them all! Pile blankets and pillows inside. Stow away seasonal wear or Fido's toys! Organize the craft room or the single sock pile! Keep one box in the trunk to store emergency supplies. Stock another with everything a guest might need'instant hospitality!

How to clean:
Cleaning your storage box! Cleaning your storage box is easy. Simply use a clean, damp cloth to wipe away dirt. Let the box air dry.

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