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Collapsible Bamboo Clothes Dryer

Item#: 6525

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Sturdy and pretty bamboo and white rod free standing drying rack that folds up!

Sturdy and pretty bamboo and white rod free standing drying rack that folds up!
Option: Natural and White
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Hang dry clothes and laundry on this pre-assembled indoor (or temporary outdoor) collapsible drying rack with a bamboo frame and plastic coated drying rods. 11 rods give lots of space to drape clothing out to dry. Criss-cross sides and tapered feet keep the dryer balanced--and give extra hanging space for lingerie, camisoles, and other small items! And because it collapses to just under 4 inches thick, it fits under the bed or behind the door easily! Perfect for home or school, this compact collapsible dryer unfolds and sets up in seconds to take your laundry from washer to hanging in moments. Holds 1 large load or 2 small loads for most washer styles. 41.3"H x 28.3"W x 14.17"D.

This folding clothes drying rack boasts excellent, eco-friendly materials and promises to save you on your next electric bill throughout the warmer seasons. By hanging your clothes out to dry, you will not only be supporting a more sustainable drying method, but also making a statement with this rack’s classic style. This clothes drying rack is made of a vibrant bamboo, giving it an upscale look and feel. Bamboo is a sustainable and renewable resource, a sturdy and eco-friendly alternative to everyday wood. The lightweight X-frame holds together 11 dowels and offers around 25 feet of drying space. This ample amount of room is perfect for most single laundry loads. The frame and angled feet work together to provide great stability for the rack. Use this drying rack to hang all of your laundry to dry, especially more delicate items or articles at risk for shrinking. The bottom dowels are spaced out evenly to accommodate varying sizes of clothing and encourage air circulation. To lay your sweaters flat to dry, use the convenient top set of dowels, which are arranged more closely together create a flat surface. For added convenience, this product comes fully assembled and can be quickly folded for compact storage. This is a great option for dormitories without driers or smaller houses and apartments. With this product, you will not only open up an opportunity to become more energy-efficient, but also add a lovely and reliable tool to your laundry day routine.

  • Bamboo drying rack with no-rust plastic sleeves on drying rods
  • 11 rods for draping with damp laundry for fabric-safe air dry
  • Sets up quickly and folds to approx. 4 inches thick
  • Best for indoor and sheltered outdoor use
  • Open: 41.3"H x 28.3"W x 14.17"D
  • Closed: 29.25” H x 19.5” W x 4” D
  • Minimize overlap on a single drying rod to expedite drying time

Natural and White

Open: 41.3"H x 28.3"W x 14.17"D
Closed: 29.25” H x 19.5” W x 4” D

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