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Clothesline Prop

Item#: P840-1  | Customer Reviews: 4 of 5 (4 reviews)

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Clothesline prop helps keep your hung clothesline from sagging. This telescoping steel pole fits under your clothesline, giving it a lift.

Clothesline prop helps keep your hung clothesline from sagging. This telescoping steel pole fits under your clothesline, giving it a lift.
Option: Matte silver
HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Clothesline Prop is a handy support for sagging and dipping clothesline. The 85-inch (approx. 7-foot) long telescoping steel pole fits under your already hung clothesline to give it additional support in the middle. Its height adjusts to match the height of your clothesline. And its tapped end creates a stake-mounting for extra stability.  It is a perfect accessory for lines that are hard to tighten or that have stretched out from years of good use. The support pole has a sturdy, high-impact threaded eyelet cap that the clothesline fits into. That threading keeps the line from slipping off, so your laundry stays at the right height.  So hang your clothesline and use it well. And when you need to, give it a lift with the clothesline prop. The prop measures 85 inches high and 1.75 inches in diameter.

Note: The clothesline prop is not meant to be used to hang clothesline; a standard clothesline post or T-post should be used to hang clothesline initially. 

  • 85-inch adjustable telescoping pole to support already hung clothesline
  • Pole's height adjusts to perfectly adapt to the height of your clothesline
  • High impact plastic threaded eyelet cap keeps clothesline in place
  • Stake-mounted for extra stability
  • Easy to use and quick assembly
  • Made from sturdy steel for easy handling
  • Not for use as a mounting pole
  • 85 inches high, 1.75 inches in diameter

Color: Matte silver

85h x 1.75w x 1.75d inch
215.9 x 4.44 x 4.44 cm

TIP: Make sure your clothesline is hung and securely anchored at each end. Household Essentials Post Assemblies (42-0, FT-30, T-2050) can be used to mount clotheslines initially. Then, slip the Clothesline Prop under the clothesline, near the middle, to give the line additional support. The prop is especially helpful when you are drying heavy or bulky items (like a comforter).

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  • Perfect Design!

    5 of 5   Posted by: 10thavenue on 05/28/2020

    I love this product. It's a perfect design to prevent the line from coming loose. The pole has an adjustable height with a spike at the bottom to prevent movement.

  • Great Product

    3 of 5   Posted by: Phil on 05/02/2017

    I'm having problems with this prop locking. I tighten it and then it slowly lowers. I have always used a wooden prop in the past. Is there something I am doing wrong?

    HHE Reply:
    Hi Phil. The 2 parts of the prop should twist in opposite directions where they join to lock in place. If you've twisted the top counterclockwise and it's not locking, please give us a call at 1-800-922-5524 so we can see what we can do! UPDATE: Replacement shipped.
  • Clothesline Prop

    4 of 5   Posted by: Ginger on 04/25/2017

    I just bought this product, actually I bought 3 of them. They seem steady and I like that they are of heavier material. However, I am still a little concerned with the telescoping. I was having a problem with one of them but I think I worked it out. I always had the one piece props before but time rusted some and wind bent the others. We will see how these work. Guess I can always glue them if they keep slipping.

    HHE Reply:
    Hi Ginger. Thank you for the review. I talked with the product manager of the clothesline prop (he's worked with and basically created this line, so he knows it well) about the telescoping. If the other 2 props you purchased are locking just fine, it may be that the third is stripped. You can check (and it's worth testing them all) by twisting the upper portion counterclockwise. This should lock everything down. If it doesn't on your one suspect prop, please give us a call! We'll be happy to replace it for you. So, let me know what you discover when you twist it. You can reach us at Household Essentials during business hours at 1-800-922-5524. We answer our own phones, so should you reach a voice mail, please leave a message and we'll call you back! Thanks--and again, thanks for sharing your experience with the clothesline prop!
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