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Clean Home

Superior cleaning products for every demand.

Versatile, innovative, and targeted cleaning products to clean your home better in less time and store in less space.  Includes the innovated CLICK-SYSTEM interchangable head cleaning solution that allows 1 handle to fit multiple cleaning heads.  Solutions for dusting, surfaces, windows, bathroom, and flooring.

Leifheit Profi System Mop Press Set

Item#: 55077

  • Complete Profi mop system that includes Profi Floor Wiper, microfiber cleaning pad, and 2-gallon mop bucket with mop press
  • Innovative no-touch design allows used foot operation so you don't touch a dirty mop or dirty mop water
  • High-quality steel handle is lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Mop head has a 360 degree turning radius for better maneuverability around furniture and in corners

Customer Reviews: 5 of 5 (1 reviews)

Leifheit Rotaro Carpet Sweeper

Item#: 11402

  • Classic, lightweight (5 lbs.!) manual carpet and floor sweeper for quick cleans low-pile rugs and carpets
  • Adjustable bristle brushes with height-level adjustment adapt to carpet thickness
  • Collapsible handle tilts flat to reach under furniture
  • Wheel-driven corner brushes

Customer Reviews: 5 of 5 (1 reviews)

Leifheit Clean Twist XL Rectangle Mop/Sweeper Set

Item#: 52015

  • Complete floor cleaning system with Clean Twist mop bucket; handle with patented spin technology; rectangular mop head and microfiber cleaning pad (52017)
  • Ideal cleaning tool for all smooth floors--versatile and convenient operation
  • Handle features patented spin technology that uses a pumping action to spin excess water from the mop for the perfect clean
  • German designed and engineered with precision and style

Customer Reviews: 2 of 5 (1 reviews)

Leifheit Clean Twist Mop Set

Item#: 52019

  • Round mop complete floor cleaning system that includes Clean Twist Mop, round microfiber head, and 5-gallon bucket with spinner
  • Ideal for moisture-sensitive flooring like wood, laminate, parquet, and cork
  • German designed and engineered for precision and style
  • Handle features patented spin technology that uses a pumping action to spin-dry the mop head and includes a built-in brake mechanism

Leifheit Pico Spray Mop

Item#: 56590

  • High quality spray mop with fine, wide mist and strong spray action
  • Cleans hardwood, laminate, marble and ceramic tiled floor
  • Best sprayer on the market with a 290 PSI sprayer that creates a fine, wide-angled spray for better cleaning and no puddling!
  • 4-cup removable tank provides up to 400 sprays

Leifheit Clean Twist Disc Mop Active Set

Item#: 56793

  • Complete floor cleaning kit with 4-gallon bucket with tumbler, telescoping handle, and self-standing mop that stands upright by itself
  • Mop with rotating mechanism built directly into the handle that allows different moisture levels for all floor types
  • Comfortable single-handed operation — no bending down, no hands in dirty water, minimum effort needed
  • 180° swivel head for easy cleaning under low furniture and in hard-to-reach corners

Leifheit Picobello Floor Wiper

Item#: 56553

  • Floor wiper with easy squeeze feature to thoroughly wringing out dirty water
  • Cleans hardwood, laminate, marble and ceramic tiled floors
  • Eco-friendly mop head mounts securely to handle
  • Equipped with a 360 degree swivel head

Leifheit Classic Mop Set

Item#: 56792-1

  • Complete wet and dry floor cleaning kit with Classic vicose cloth strip mop, handle, and wringer 3-gallon mop bucket
  • Viscose fibers ensure excellent water and dirt absorption
  • Flexible viscose mop-head strips allow thorough cleaning in corners
  • Wringer attachment for cleaning without placing hands in the dirty water or bending down — no exertion needed!

Leifheit Profi Microfiber Cleaning Pad

Item#: 55128

  • Replacement microfiber cleaning pad for Profi rectangular mop (55077) for all smooth-floors
  • Unique crescent shape collects and holds dirt
  • Ideal for cleaning around furniture
  • Soft Edge allows for cleaning baseboards

Leifheit Click System Squeegee Window Washer Head Attachment

Item#: 51320

  • Click System multipurpose window cleaner head that cleans windows, frames, and dries them with one device
  • Integrated wiping pad wraps around the edges of the cleaner for quick and efficient frame cleaning
  • Squeegee for efficient, streak-free drying
  • A double joint adjusts angles to clean different windows in different patterns

Leifheit Click System Squeegee Powerslide Head Attachment

Item#: 51522

  • Click System wide squeegee head with adjustable joint for versatile, professional grade cleaning
  • Moveable joint with lock on the handle cleans at different angles
  • Rotation allows for wave-motion cleaning, like the professionals use
  • German designed and engineered

Leifheit Foam Broom

Item#: 55243

  • Wide-sweeping foam broom collects fine dust and hair for a superb clean
  • Suitable for all smooth floors
  • Telescopic handle for customized fit and comfortable handling
  • Clean by rinsing under running water

Leifheit Click System Bath Scrubber Flexi Pad Head Attachment

Item#: 41701

  • Click System 7-inch microfiber bath scrubber head with curved side that fits closely around fixtures
  • Squeegee blade for streak free shine
  • German designed and engineered for precision and style
  • 360° rotating head to reach all areas in the bath

Leifheit Click System Floor Squeegee Head Attachment

Item#: 56670

  • Click System wide, double lipped floor squeegee head for cleaning patios, garages, and other large surfaces
  • Double lip makes for better pull and more efficient cleaning and water removal
  • German designed and engineered for precision
  • 3-year warranty

Leifheit Click System 3in1 Rubber Broom Head Attachment

Item#: 56671

  • Click System 3-in-1 multipurpose rubber broom with hygienic bristles that sweeps, squeegees, and wipes smooth floors indoors and out
  • Suitable for all flooring--indoor and outdoor
  • Effectively removes dust, hair and dirt without matting
  • Integrated Squeegee quickly pulls water and dries floors

Leifheit Picobello Microfiber Cleaning Pads

Item#: 56613

  • Replacement microfiber cleaning pad for the Picobello Floor Wiper (56553)
  • Suitable for all flooring
  • Dual length microfibers provide a better, quicker clean
  • Extremely absorbent, powerful cleaning

Leifheit Cabino Squeegee

Item#: 41650

  • Handheld squeegee with fine edge for streak-free clean and shine on bathroom and kitchen tile and glass
  • Ensures virtually streak free shine on ceramic, marble, glass porcelain, shower doors and more
  • Curved, ergonomic handle and convenient size for easy and comfortable handling
  • Hanging cord for storing inside the bath

Leifheit Venetian Blind Cleaner

Item#: 41316

  • Handheld blind cleaner with microfiber cleaning pads on two panels that clean the top and bottom of two blinds at once
  • Microfiber panels attract and trap dirt and dust from blinds
  • Pads clean top and bottom of 2 slats simultaneously for faster cleaning and a healthier home
  • Comfortable design is easy to grip and hold for better operation

Leifheit Click System Duster XL

Item#: 41520

  • Click System microfiber duster with extra long dusting wand
  • Anti-static, tightly-woven microfiber absorbs and holds dust like a magnet
  • Soft fibers adapt to every surface
  • German designed and engineered for precision and style

Customer Reviews: 5 of 5 (1 reviews)

Leifheit Click System High Duster Head Attachment

Item#: 41524

  • Click System stiff-bristled duster head reaches into corners and around curtain rods
  • Unique angled design allows for cleaning where the wall meets the ceiling, corners, and around curtain rods
  • German designed and engineered precision and style
  • Easy to clean--just run under water