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Cedarline Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer, Natural

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Door pocket organizer made from thick, heavy canvas with 24 storage pockets for shoes, accessories, crafts, supplies, and more!

Door pocket organizer made from thick, heavy canvas with 24 storage pockets for shoes, accessories, crafts, supplies, and more!
Option: Natural Cedarline
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HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer turns doors into handy storage areas for everything from shoes to cleaning supplies, craft materials to camisoles and leggings!  This OTD pocket organizer is made from thick, heavy canvas.  Its pockets have that strong canvas bottom (so they are less likely to tear) and frosted plastic uppers (to catch a glimpse of what's inside). The 24 pockets are sturdy and spacious, holding up to 12 pairs of most styles of shoes. This over-the-door organizer / shoe rack fits securely over residential and commercial doors, working well in closets, bedrooms, bathrooms and more—anywhere, really, that you have a door. The Over-the-Door Organizer is made from the same canvas as the Cedarline Collection, for a whole look and feel to your storage. This canvas, pocket shoe organizer measures 64 inches high, 18 inches wide, and 2 inches deep.

*This item does not use cedar panels.

  • Thick, heavy canvas pocket shoe organizer with 24 pockets that hangs on the door (not for use with cedar panels)
  • Pocket storage for shoes, accessories, scarves, camisoles, leggings, crafts, cleaning supplies, and more!
  • Pockets with canvas bottom and frosted plastic upper
  • Includes hooks for 1.5" deep residential doors and 3" deep commercial doors
  • Same canvas and style as the Cedarline Collection
  • 64 inches high, 18 inches wide, and 2 inches deep

Color: Natural

64h x 18w x 2d inch
162 x 45.7 x 5.1 cm

Part of the Cedarline Collection!
The Over-The-Door Organizer is designed to be used as is, as a complement to the Cedarline Collection.  While the Organizer does not have cedar inserts, is completes the transformation of a Cedarline Closet.  This luxury collection unites the powerful aromatic properties of natural red cedar with the convenience of soft-sided storage.  Cedar is naturally aromatic and renowned for its ability to repel moisture and insects.  For this reason it is the choicest wood for fine closest.  

For more than just your shoes!

  • Organize craft supplies
  • Tidy your pantry and store your plastic wrap and aluminum foil out of the way and within easy reach
  • Keep snacks accessible
  • Put one in the car (just attach it with zip ties to the back of the seat) to create instant pocket storage  

At Household Essentials, we work hard to find innovative solutions to your laundry and storage needs.  The Cedarline Over-The-Door Organizer is just one of many solutions to make your life and home more beautiful, efficient, and environmentally-friendly.  From our Household to yours.

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  • Work Great & Pretty

    5 of 5   Posted by: joy on 05/06/2020

    Love these. Ordered 2, then ordered 3 more. Great to get shoes off the floor and take up minimal space.

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