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Cedarline 6-Shelf Hanging Sweater Organizer, Natural

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Hanging shelves made of thick canvas with optional cedar panel upgrade (cedar panels sold separately).

Hanging shelves made of thick canvas with optional cedar panel upgrade (cedar panels sold separately).
Option: Natural Cedarline
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HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Cedarline 6-Shelf Hanging Sweater Organizer is a thick and sturdy set of 6 hanging shelves made from heavy cotton canvas--like the kind found in good canvas bags. The organizer is all canvas, with metal hanging hooks that hang on wire or rod closets. The optional accessory cedar panel inserts are sold separately. This closet organization solution creates instant storage space for folded and rolled clothing or accessories. It works fabulously for sweaters and t-shirts--and it makes a great handbag organizer!  Hanging, the hanging canvas shelves are 50 inches tall, 12 inches wide, and 12 inches deep.

The optional cedar panel inserts (sold separately) fit into the base of each shelf, providing a sturdier surface that better resists bowing. Place panels perpendicular to the front of the shelf for the strongest base, or insert them parallel to keep more give in the organizer. 

*This hanging organizer can be used with cedar panels, which are sold separately from the canvas organizer.  The eastern red cedar inserts help keep shelves flat and may deter moths, other pests, and mildew.

  • 6-shelf hanging sweater organizer that holds 12 or more sweaters (canvas shelves only; cedar panels sold separately)
  • Made of fine, smooth, breathable canvas that protects shoes and looks good
  • Versatile hanging system that works in both rod and wire closets
  • May be used with 25012-1 cedar panels (sold separately) for upgraded freshness and stability
  • Optional: 18 panels to fully line all shelves
  • 50 inches high, 12 inches wide and 12 inches deep


50h x 12w x 12d inch
127 x 30.4 x 30.4 cm

Luxury pairing with Cedar!
What truly makes this 6-Shelf Sweater Organizer distinctive is its luxurious pairing with Cedar. Each shelf is designed to be used with cedar panels, sold separately, that instantly transform any closet into a Cedar Closet. The panels are made from 3 planks of 100% natural red cedar that are fit together to form a shelf platform. Each platform is held safely and securely in place by a slim pocket at the front of each shelf, so no sweater or linen snags on an edge.

This luxury collection unites the powerful aromatic properties of natural red cedar with the convenience of soft-sided, hanging storage. Cedar is naturally aromatic and renowned for its ability to repel moisture and insects. For this reason it is the choicest wood for fine closest. Now, you can have a cedar closet for your clothing without a full remodel. This Cedarline 6-Shelf Hanging Sweater Organizer is one of several items that transform clothing and linen storage into long-term clothing and linen care. Protect your investments with purpose using natural red cedar, a timeless remedy because it works.

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  • Cedarline Organizer's are Great!

    5 of 5   Posted by: Angie on 06/09/2021

    I initially purchased the shoe organizers and followed with the sweater organizer and I must say the quality is the best I've come across (generous space). Excellent construction and durable. Also, the price is right! Oh, fast shipping! Thank you!

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