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Cedarline 10-Shelf Wide Hanging Shoe Organizer, Natural

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Hanging pocket organizer with 8-inch wide pockets and upgrade option to insert accessory cedar panels (sold separately)!

Hanging pocket organizer with 8-inch wide pockets and upgrade option to insert accessory cedar panels (sold separately)!
Option: Natural, Cedarline
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HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Cedarline 10-Shelf Wide Hanging Shoe Organizer gives your footwear a place to relax. This sturdy and durable storage organizer have 8-inch wide pockets that are 12 inches deep and approximately 4.5 inches high. The entire organizer hangs 50 inches from the closet rod or wire shelving. The cedarline organizer comes with just the canvas organizer. The optional accessory cedar panels are sold separately. The cedar panels fit 2 to a shelf and use natural eastern red cedar to create an instant cedar closet!  These narrow hanging shelves are perfect for shoes, hangbags, and accessories (ball caps too!). It has a special hook hanging system that spreads out the weight of the organizer to reduce bowing. There are 10 shelves in this hanging canvas organizer, so there's plenty of space for storage. This Cedarline Wide Hanging Shoe Organizer measures 50 inches high, 8.5 inches wide, and 12 inches deep.

*Accessory cedar panels (25012-1) are sold separately. The organizer can be used without the accessory inserts. Inserts can help freshen closets and repel pests thanks to the properties of eastern red cedar. Insert panels perpendicular to the front of the organizer for the most sturdy shelf!  This organizer uses 2 panels per shelf.

  • Hanging shoe organizer with 10 wide pockets to comfortably hold up to 10 pairs of shoes (organizer only; cedar panels not included)
  • Made of fine, smooth, breathable canvas that protects shoes and looks good
  • Versatile hanging system that works in both rod and wire closets
  • May be used with accessory cedar panels (25012--sold separately) for enhanced freshness and stability
  • Requires 20 panels to fully line all shelves
  • 50"h x 8.5"w x 12"d


50h x 8.5w x 12d inch

Luxury pairing!
What truly makes this 10 Pocket Wide Hanging Shoe Organizer distinctive is its luxurious pairing with Cedar. Each shelf is designed to be fitted with cedar panels, sold separately, that instantly transform the bag from sweater storage to luxury closet. The organizer uses 20 planks, 2 in each shelf, to support and protect your footwear even more. The panels are made from 100% natural red cedar and are held securely by an edge pocket at the front of each shelf. This luxury collection unites the powerful aromatic properties of natural red cedar with the convenience of soft-sided storage. Cedar is naturally aromatic and renowned for its ability to repel moisture and insects. For this reason it is the choicest wood for fine closest.

Cedarline Collection
Now, you can have a cedar closet for your clothing without a full remodel. This Cedarline 10 Pocket Wide Shoe Organizer is just one of several ways the Cedarline Collection transforms clothing and linen storage into long-term clothing and linen care'or footwear care. Protect your investments with purpose using natural red cedar, a timeless remedy because it works.

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  • Great Product

    5 of 5   Posted by: Ellen on 10/28/2021

    This is a wonderful product, and I can actually fit two pairs of shoes in each compartment. I will be ordering more! Excellent quality, construction, and price!

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