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CedarStow 6-Shelf Hanging Sweater Organizer, Forest green

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Hanging Sweater Shelf has 6 shelves, ideally sized for storing sweaters and shirts.

Hanging Sweater Shelf has 6 shelves, ideally sized for storing sweaters and shirts.
Household Essentials CedarStow 6-Shelf Hanging Sweater Organizer unites the best of natural red cedar with smooth sturdy cotton canvas to create a beautiful, functional answer to sweater storage.  The Hanging Sweater Shelf has 6 shelves, ideally sized for storing sweaters and shirts.  Cedar panels interlock and nestle into the front pocket on each shelf to form a secure, protective platform for your sweaters that won’t snag sweaters or delicate knits.  This hanging organizer has external seams to further protect delicate materials.  2 thick, sturdy hooks support the organizer from either side and run nearly the entire depth of the Hanging Sweater Shelf reducing bowing.  Its unique hooks can be used in either standard rod closets or on wire shelving units.  The sweater shelf is 50 inches high, 11.875 inches wide, and 12 inches deep.

This wardrobe is part of the CedarStow collection, a complete line of soft-sided cedar storage for your home.

  • Soft-sided, cotton hanging sweater storage shelves with cedar panels
  • Solid cedar panels line each shelf to increase freshness and stability and repel moisture and insects
  • Uses only 12 inches of closet space for maximum storage
  • 6 shelves hold up to 24 sweaters
  • Conveniently hangs on standard rod or wire shelving
  • Thick, sturdy support hooks
  • Made of smooth, sturdy canvas that won't snag clothing
  • Aromatic red cedar naturally freshens and repels moisture and insects
  • 50 inches high, 11.875 inches wide, and 12 inches deep

Forest green

50h x 11.875w x 12d inch
127 x 30.1 x 30.4 cm

Covenience of soft-sided closet storage!
With the convenience of soft-sided garment bags, this Hanging Sweater Bag provides both structure and flexibility. Designed to accommodate up to 24 sweaters on its 6 shelves, this sturdy organizer protects and displays your sweaters and other fine items simply and gracefully. Each shelf is approximately 8.5" high, 12" wide, and 11.5" deep. Most sweaters fit very comfortably.

Cedar paneling for better, safer storage!
The smooth, solid red cedar panels are made with unfinished Red Cedar to maximize their effectiveness. Each panel is cut with a tongue and groove edge so that the panels fit together to form a smooth base that rests at the bottom of each shelf. A canvas pocket at the front of each shelf provides a slot to anchor the cedar platform, preventing the panels from sliding and sweaters from snagging.

The benefits of cedar! 3
Cedar is naturally aromatic and renowned for its ability to repel moisture and insects. For this reason it is the choicest wood for fine closets. Now, you can have a cedar closet for your clothing without a full remodel with the CedarStow collection. This CedarStow Hanging Sweater Bag is one of several items in the CedarStow line that transform clothing and linen storage into long-term clothing and linen care. Protect your investments with purpose using natural red cedar, a timeless remedy because it works.

How to refresh your cedar: Cedar wood's freshness comes from the woods aromatic oils. What happens is the oil is exposed to the air on the surface of the wood fibers and eventually gets used up. You can restore those oils in one of two easy ways:

1. Sand it! Sanding your natural cedar exposes new fibers to the air, instantly refreshing its scent and protective qualities. And it can be sanded over and over again, for lasting freshness. It's a good idea to sand your cedar at least once a year.

2. Oil it! Cedar Fresh cedar oil is made from essential cedar oil. Spraying this oil on cedar wood puts the aromatic oil back on the surface of the wood, restoring its freshness and effectiveness.

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  • Great Product

    5 of 5   Posted by: Marybunny on 07/11/2017

    We actually use this for shoes because hiking shoes and tennis shoes fit perfectly. Loved it so much we bought another one for jeans. If you have back issues and bending down into dresser drawers is a problem, I'd recommend this product. Love it!

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