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Cedar Hangers, 4 pack, with Swivel Hook and Fixed Bar, Freshens Closet, Odor and Moth Repellent, Clothes Protection 26140

Item#: 26140

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Classic Cedar Hanger has contoured angles and notches for hanging straps.

Classic Cedar Hanger has contoured angles and notches for hanging straps.
Option: Cedar Hanger with Fixed Bar
HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Classic Cedar Hanger with a fixed horizonal bar is elegance and protection for your finest hanging garments. It is a traditional hanger for blouses and shirts, with a fixed bar for trousers, pants, and accessories. It is a versatile hanger that works for lots of different clothing styles. It's the right hanger for when you don't know exactly which hanger you need. This set of four cedar hangers is a great addition to any closet. The hangers, made of aromatic red cedar, are a natural moth repellent and give off a pleasant smell. The oils in the cedar wood act as a natural fungicide and microbicide that kills mold and mildew spores and its roots on all surfaces and within porous materials without the use of harsh chemicals, keeping your clothes fresh and clean and extending their wear. These hangers are made with renewably harvested USA-grown cedar and, in addition to the properties of the cedar, have many of the excellent features you’d expect from a quality hanger. Each hanger has a rotating metal head for ease of use, and notches to help keep clothes in place. These solid, sturdy hangers also include a fixed hanging bar and the slope of the hanger shoulders is designed to avoid any creasing. The effects of cedar are long-lasting, but if you feel the scent over time loses some of its potency, you can refresh the scent by using a cedar spray, such as Cedar Fresh (sold separately). In addition to this, or alternatively, you can lightly sand the hangers with a fine piece of sandpaper to expose more of the wood’s natural oils.

  • Notched cedar hanger with shaped shoulders to anchor shirts and jackets without pulling fabric (4 ct.)
  • Made from natural red cedar that naturally freshens and protects against moisture and pests
  • Notches keep straps on hanger
  • 360° swivel head for easier hanging
  • Featuring fixed cross bar for accessories or coordinated sets
  • Non-staining, natural cedar naturally freshens and repels pests and mustiness
  • Eco-friendly, renewable, and chemical-free
  • Harvested from renewable natural resource
  • 9.25” H x 17.25” W x .5” D

Color: Natural

9.25” H x 17.25” W x .5” D

Who is CedarFresh?
For more than 25 years, Cedar Fresh has offered the highest quality cedar home storage products and accessories made from 100% eastern red cedar. Red cedar naturally freshens closed spaces and repels moths, mildew, and mustiness without harsh chemicals and residues. This self-renewing, non-endangered resource provides the best in safe, natural protection for your home, office, dorm, boat, or RV. The power of the cedar is in the wood's oils. To restore the wood's natural fragrance and repellent properties, lightly sand your cedar products with sandpaper or spray the wood with Cedar Power Spray.

What makes Cedar great?
Eastern red cedar (not to be confused with western cedar) is an aromatic wood. This means that the natural oils in the wood have an aroma. This aroma--or scent--does wonders. It naturally repels pests, moths, and other insects, making it the perfect wood for building storage chests. That is also why it is the preferred wood for creating top-end closets.

1. Freshens with natural oils that are safe for clothing and your family.
2. Naturally repels moths and pests for safer, long-term storage.
3. Resists mustiness and moisture, for the best storage.
4. Versatile wood works indoors and out!

Our cedar is harvested from natural, non-endangered forests. Good practice keeps the forest healthier, allowing for better resource management.

How to refresh your cedar:
Cedar wood's freshness comes from the woods aromatic oils. What happens is the oil is exposed to the air on the surface of the wood fibers and eventually gets used up.

You can restore those oils in one of two easy ways:

1. Sand it! Sanding your natural cedar exposes new fibers to the air, instantly refreshing its scent and protective qualities. And it can be sanded over and over again, for lasting freshness. It's a good idea to sand your cedar at least once a year.
2. Oil it! Cedar Fresh cedar oil is made from essential cedar oil. Spraying this oil on cedar wood puts the aromatic oil back on the surface of the wood, restoring its freshness and effectiveness.

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